Preschool Christmas Printables (free)

Are you looking for free Christmas printables for your preschooler to have fun learning with this holiday season? These printable activities are so much fun and are a great way to sneak in extra practice of different skills in the month of December and during the Christmas season.

From letters, counting, and painting to shapes, colors, and scissor skills, these free printables will have preschoolers learning in a fun way.

Feed the Santa Claus Alphabet Game

This activity is a fun way to practice literacy skills like letter recognition and letter sounds. Preschoolers or Kindergarten students say the name of the letter or letter sound as they feed a letter to Santa. You can also spell CVC words or sight words and then feed them to Santa. Or spell your name and then feed it to him. 

Christmas Color Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Christmas Color Matching Activity

Young children will practice color recognition and sorting skills in this Christmas color matching activity. Sort the ornaments onto the tree with the matching colored star.

You can also sort pom poms onto the matching colored tree or use stickers as Christmas ornaments to decorate them with the corresponding colors. You can even draw shapes on the star of the tree and the Christmas lights to sort and match shapes. There are so many ways to use these educational activities.

Christmas Q-Tip Painting Printables

Ready for some Christmas fun and painting? All you need are q-tips and paint for this free Christmas printable. This activity is great for strengthening fine motor skills and pincer grasp which are important for writing. 

Christmas Scissor Skills Printables

Young learners will practice their scissors skills with these Christmas designs. Print them onto card stock. That is easier to cut with scissors for beginners. After the children practice cutting the strips, the designs turn into Christmas puzzles. Mix up the pieces and put them back together. You can also write numbers or that number of dots on the left side of the strips to practice numerical order while putting the pieces back together.

Christmas Alphabet Worksheets

In these literacy activities, students will trace a word and draw a picture for each letter of the alphabet. Put them in page protectors to make them reusable. Pair them with dry erase markers and put them in a literacy center to use again and again. You can even staple the pages together to turn them into a Christmas alphabet book.

Christmas Busy Bag Activity Free Printable

Christmas Busy Bag Activity for Preschoolers

Use craft sticks and craft stick pieces to make candy canes, reindeer, a Christmas tree, and more! Print these and gather the materials to make Christmas busy bag for preschoolers. Children can make these designs beside the page or directly on top.

Preschool Christmas Board Game

These printable games are awesome for Math centers at Christmas time. Practice one to one correspondence and counting with this free game.  The first player to reach the end of the path first is the winner. Use blocks or buttons as game pieces.

Christmas Roll and Cover Dice Games

Practice number recognition and counting with this fun game. It includes four roll and cover dice games that are perfect for December. 

December Number Puzzles

Print these number puzzles, cut them into fourths, and challenge your preschooler to match the pieces. These puzzles give the opportunity to practice with tally marks, ten frames, numerals, and counting ornaments. This activity strengthens number sense in a fun way.

Christmas Poems for Kids

Poems and action rhymes are so beneficial for young children! These fun Christmas poems for kids are perfect for the month of December. Pair them with shakers or jingle bells to add a musical element.

Christmas Tree Roll and Decorate Dice Game from The Activity Mom.

In this dice game, players will roll and refer to the chart to decorate the Christmas tree. Put the ornaments on the tree and the gifts underneath. When the tree is decorated, you win.

Nativity Shape Craft

This Christmas craft focuses on the birth of Jesus while strengthening visual discrimination skills. This Christmas shape craft is great for talking about the names of shapes and experiencing how shapes can make up different objects.

Christmas Wreath Craft

Use construction paper and scissors to make these cool wreaths. They are such a neat decoration to hang.

Two Pink Peonies has free dot printables to use with dot markers this holiday season. Dot markers are fun to create with and are great for hand-eye coordination and one to one correspondence.

This Christmas Alphabet Game is a quick and easy game that gives children a chance to practice letter identification or letter sounds in a fun way. The letter cards are placed in a pile upside down and players take turns picking a card and saying the letter they drew. When a player picks the “You Win” card, the game is over. This simple game is easy for kids to organize themselves without adult participation.

So which of these learning activities will you try first? We hope you love them as much as we do!

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