Free Printable Preschool Counting Puzzles

These free printable counting puzzles for preschoolers are a great way for early learners to get lots of practice with counting and number sense. These printable puzzles include a different theme for each month so you will have a year’s worth of counting puzzles for your math centers. The themed Math puzzles go form 1 to 10 and are a low prep activity that young learners will have lots of fun with.


Download the printable pdf file.

Print the puzzle pieces onto card stock.

Cut apart the puzzles and puzzle pieces.

Challenge preschool aged children to count the number of objects and match that piece to the numeral, ten frame, and tally marks that show the same amount.

Tip: If matching all 4 pieces is overwhelming, just cut one piece from the completed puzzles and start by matching only that.

Free Printable Preschool Counting Puzzles

Math Skills:

  • number sense
  • counting skills
  • number recognition
  • tally marks
  • ten frames
  • number patterns

Download the September Counting Puzzles

What a fun way to start the school year with these apple themed number puzzles! These free printable number puzzles are great for young children to practice counting and match with the correct number.

Download the October Counting Puzzles

These puzzles are fun activities to use in a math center or put magnets on the back and solve the puzzles on a vertical surface.

Download the November Counting Puzzles

Count the feathers on the turkey in these free number puzzles. It is great fun with a Thanksgiving theme.

Download the December Number Puzzles

Use these puzzles for a fun learning challenge at Christmas time!

Download the January Counting Puzzles

This color printable pack makes math fun to practice.

Download the February Number Puzzles

This free download is perfect for Valentine’s Day counting practice!

Download the March Number Puzzles

A great compliment to your St. Patrick’s Day math activities.

Download the April Number Puzzles

April showers bring May flowers. Count the rain drops and match the number.

Download the May Counting Puzzles

Count the petals on each flower and find the corresponding number.

Download the June Number Puzzles

Count the spots on each ladybug. These puzzles compliment any insect theme and go great with these Insect Dice Games!

Download the July Number Puzzles

Count the stars on each sock and count the tally marks too.

Download the August Number Puzzles

Use these puzzles with an ocean themed unit or to compliment the book, “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”.

Whether you are looking to give your students or child extra counting practice, introduce tally marks, gain experience with ten frames, or work on number identification, these printable preschool counting puzzles are just what you need!

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