60 Roll and Cover Math Games (printable)

Here are 60 Roll and Cover Math Games that are a great way for young kids to build number sense and practice counting with a little friendly competition. The Roll and Cover games (sometimes referred to as grid games) are organized by month so you will have themed activities to use in Math centers all year long. The free printables also include different game boards to practice number recognition skills.

Roll and Cover Dice Games Printable

Only Supplies Needed in this Low Prep Game:

Roll and Cover Mats (free download) – Laminate for extra durability or cover with a page protector.

A Single Die

Game Pieces (small manipulatives such as pom poms, mini erasers, colorful buttons or bingo dot markers to mark each spot)

In each Roll and Cover Dice Game, children practice number recognition, counting, and one-to-one correspondence in a fun way. These printable dice games are so much fun for older toddlers and younger preschoolers. They are even helpful for kindergarten students that need more experiences with ten frames.

Grid Game Directions:

1.   Roll the die.

2.   Cover the corresponding number of squares.

3.   Encourage children to fill the squares from left to right, top to bottom.

4.   When all of the pictures are covered, you win!

Things to Say During the Game to Get Kids Thinking:

“How many do you need to win?”

“Wow! Halfway there.”

“What do you hope to roll?”

Roll and Cover the Number Directions:

1.   Roll the Die.

2.   Cover the matching number.

3.   If you roll a number that is already covered, roll again.

4.   Whoever covers their game board wins!

Things to Say During the Game to Get Little Learners Thinking:

“What number did you roll?”

“What number are you looking for?”

Download the FREE September Roll and Cover Games

The Roll and Cover game boards included in this set are apples, crayons, leaves, and apple trees.

Download FREE October Roll and Cover Dice Games

The Roll and Cover Boards included in the October printable packs include pumpkin and Halloween themes.

Download the FREE November Roll and Cover Dice Games

A simple game for counting and numeral recognition. The November printable game pack includes scarecrows, turkeys and pumpkin pie. Perfect for math fun this time of year!

Download the December Roll and Cover Games

Christmas trees, presents, and The Gingerbread Man will make these your favorite games this December!

Download the January Roll and Cover Dice Games

These Winter activities include a Snowman Roll and Cover game as well as winter animals.

Download the February Roll and Cover Dice Games

Candy hearts, cookies, and valentines are themes of these February Roll and Cover Dice games.

Download the March Roll and Cover Dice Games

St. Patrick’s Day themed dice games include shamrocks, gold coins, rainbows, and a pot of gold.

Download the April Roll and Cover Dice Games

Easter and Spring weather are what you’ll find in the April printable dice games.

Download the May Roll and Cover Dice Games

May printables include insects, transportation, ocean, and flowers.

Download the June Roll and Cover Dice Games

Start your Summer with beach themes, insects, and super hero Math games!

Download the July Roll and Cover Dice Games

More beach games, superhero shields, and fireworks are included in the July Math games.

Download the August Roll and Cover Dice Games

It’s almost back to school time! This printable pack includes sports and school themed roll and cover games. If your little learner loves sports, then check out these sports worksheets for preschoolers.

Whether you are using this fun game in math stations, small groups, or as learning activities at home, we hope you will have so much fun all year long!

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