Christmas Q-Tip Painting for Preschoolers (printable)

Christmas Qtip painting is a fun way to paint by making dots with q tips. Strengthen fine motor skills with these q-tip painting printables. Christmas Qtip painting is a great way for younger children to get creative this time of year.


  • Christmas tree
  • gingerbread man
  • Christmas present
  • candy cane
  • bells


Print the Christmas printables onto white paper or card stock.

Use your favorite color or many different colors of washable tempera paints. We have found that the best way is to put a quarter size amount of each color on a paper plate.

Dip the Qtip into the paint and then stamp it onto the paper.

Other Ideas:

Try it with watercolor paint and cotton q-tips.

A creative idea for older kids is to add a background or extra details to the printable.

Mix colors by making dots with one color of paint and then putting dots of another color over it. What happens?

Winter time is a great time to try shaving cream painting. Inspired by snow, shaving cream painting is a fun experience for preschoolers.

Download the Christmas Qtip Painting Printables

Preschoolers will have so much fun stamping the Christmas Q-tip printables. Print them out and give it a try today!

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