Feed the Santa Alphabet Game (free printable)

The Feed Santa Alphabet Game is a great way for young children to practice identifying each letter of the alphabet. Feed Santa letters and practice different reading skills along the way. This free printable can be used in different ways and used to practice different skills too.

How to Set Up the Alphabet Game

  1. Print out the Santa Claus onto card stock.
  2. Cut out the mouth of Santa.
  3. Tape it to a tissue box making sure to match up the mouth of Santa with the opening of the tissue box.
  4. Print the Alphabet Cookies and cut them out. These include uppercase letters. If you want to work with lower case letters, look at our other ideas below.

Fun Ways to Play

  • Tell your child to pick up one of the letter cards (cookies), say the letter, and feed it to Santa.
  • Challenge your child to pick up specific letters to feed Santa.
  • Working on letter sounds? Pick up a cookie, say the letter sound, and feed it to Santa. Or tell your child to find the letter that says /b/ and feed it.

Tip: If you want to save on printer ink, just print the Santa and use magnetic letters to feed him.

Feed Santa Lowercase Letters

If your child is ready for lowercase letters, you can write them on the back of the printable cookies. You can also use lowercase letter puzzle pieces, magnetic letters, write them on bottle tops to feed Santa.

Feed Santa Colors

Young children can practice sorting different colors. Use pom poms, buttons, or blocks. Feed Santa all of the red items or all of the blue items.

Feed Santa Sight Words

Older kids can read and feed Santa sight words or CVC words. Have the children write their own cookies including the words you want them to practice. Then, mix them up. Kids can pick a word, read it, and then feed it to Santa. Another fun idea is that they can spread them out. You call out a sight word and they find it and feed it.

Use this Printable in Different Ways to Make Learning Fun

  • Print two copies of the cookies. Mix them up and challenge your child to find two cookies with a matching letter.
  • Use two copies to play a fun game of Memory.
  • Put the capital letters in alphabetical order.
  • Find the letters to spell your name.

Download the Free Feed Santa Alphabet Game

Games like this are perfect to play in a small group or put it in a literacy center for independent practice.

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We hope your little learners have so much fun with playing this game this holiday season. It is a great place to start to build a strong foundation of phonics skills.

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