Christmas Math Games for Kids (printable)

Looking for a fun way to give students practice with number recognition and counting this holiday season? Check out our collection of Christmas Math Games printables and find something that is perfect for your child or class.

This Christmas theme board game is a great way to practice math skills while having lots of fun.

Important Skills:

  • counting
  • number recognition
  • number sense


  • game board (free download)
  • game pieces (cotton ball, jingle bells, blocks, or mini erasers)

This is a fun math game for younger kids because it only uses numerals 1, 2, and 3 on the printable die. You can also use a regular die to play this game, but it will be a shorter game.


  1. This can be a partner game or a small group game in math centers.
  2. Roll the die and move your game piece the corresponding number of spaces.
  3. When your game piece makes it to the end, you win!

This printable pack is the perfect addition to your curriculum this Christmas season.

Download the Christmas Board Game for Preschoolers

Check out these other free printable Christmas Math activities.

More Free Christmas Printables

Use these free printables in different ways for Math practice with younger children.

Christmas Color Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Try this printable Christmas Lights Color Matching activity with your preschooler. Sort items (pom poms, stickers, mini erasers) to the matching colored Christmas lights or match the lights to the Christmas Tree with the matching colored star.

This Christmas Tree Math Activity includes sorting and counting. Add tweezers to make it a fine motor skill challenge.

Count with Gingerbread Houses Counting Mats. You can use mini erasers, pom poms, blocks, or candy to count with.

More Fun Christmas Activities

Print these Christmas pages for Christmas Scissor Skills practice. I love that these include straight lines for cutting which is perfect for preschoolers. Print onto card stock so it is easier to work with for little hands.

Christmas Busy Bag Activity Free Printable

Work with craft sticks to make different Christmas shapes and patterns in this Christmas Busy Bag Activity. Print these pages and include them with craft sticks in a ziplock bag for an easy on the go activity.

Print the Feed the Snowman Game and practice colors, numbers, shapes, and even sight words! This game uses a tissue box and includes many variations to practice a lot of different skills. I love when a game can be used for kids of all ages.

Other Free Christmas Math Games

These fun games are great free resources for learning in a fun way!

Roll and Cover Dice Games Printable

Find free printable Christmas dice games in our Roll and Cover Games for the WHOLE YEAR pack. These are perfect for math centers and independent practice. The quick game allows for practice and the student to feel successful.

These games that teach mindfulness are a great resource for teachers and parents.

Christmas Worksheets

Print these Christmas Alphabet Worksheets to practice tracing, letter formation, and for a fun drawing challenge. Laminate them to use over and over again with dry erase markers. You can even include play dough to make the letters.

Print the Christmas Qtip Painting pack and strengthen fine motor skills while creating Christmas art.

Counting Worksheets

These printable activities are the perfect way to make math fun!

These Dot to Dot Activities include numbers 1-10 which is perfect for preschoolers and children just starting to work with dot to dots and identify numbers.

This pack of Counting Bears printables can be used with counting bear manipulatives you have on hand or there are pages of printable bears to use with these activities.

Check out these Preschool Counting Puzzles for the whole year! Put one set out each month for practice with counting and number recognition. These puzzles build number sense as they include tally marks, ten frames, and numerals. These puzzles are also beneficial for Kindergarten kids.

These activities are so much fun! From Christmas Math Worksheets to fun Christmas Math activities, we know you will find the perfect fun activity for your kids this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

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