Preschool Scarecrow Activities (free)

Are you looking for scarecrow activities that will be a big hit with young kids and make learning fun? You have come to the right place. Check out these fun ideas with a scarecrow theme!

Whether you are a preschool teacher or working on preschool activities at home, add these activities to your lesson plans during this Fall season.

Scarecrow Shape Puzzles

These puzzles are a great way to start identifying and talking about shapes. Match the shapes to put together the scarecrow. There are 8 shapes included in the scarecrow puzzle pack.

Download the Scarecrow Shape Puzzles

Scarecrow Dice Game

This game is a fun way to practice different math concepts such as counting and one to one correspondence. Print the game board and gather one die and game pieces. You could use pom poms, buttons, gems, or candy. Roll the die and put one game piece on each circle for the number you rolled. When all of circles are covered, you win!

Download the Scarecrow Dice Game

Scarecrow Matching Activity

There are many different ways to use the scarecrow matching mat.

  1. Challenge your young kids to rip their own pieces of construction paper to make their own patches for the scarecrow. Rip them small enough to glue on each square patch of the scarecrow. Ripping paper is so beneficial for wrist rotation. Believe it or not, most children have not been invited to rip paper before.
  2. Write one letter of your child’s name in each square on the scarecrow’s hat and clothes. Rip or cut paper into patches before hand. Write matching letters on each scrap of paper. Match the scarecrow letter patches to the scarecrow mat. This is a great activity for letter recognition.
  3. Put a number in each square 1-6. Roll the die and cover the number that was rolled with a patch of fabric or paper. When all of the numbers are covered, you win!
  4. Color each patch a different color on the scarecrow mat. Match the same colored pieces of fabric or paper to the different colored patches.

Download the Scarecrow Matching Activity

Clipart from SLA Clipart

Scarecrow Chant

This chant from DLTK is one of my favorites. Kids love it!

Fantastic Scarecrow Crafts

Crafting Chicks used a brown paper bag and different colors of construction paper to make these adorable paper bag scarecrows. It is so much fun that it is 3D.

Glued to My Crafts made this awesome paper plate scarecrow craft. Make your own scarecrow and add the colors and details that you like. I love that the hair is made from handprints. I love all handprint crafts.

Get Coloring Pages offers a free coloring page with some scarecrow fun.

Fun Learning For Kids has this great idea and invitation to make a scarecrow out of play dough and different accessories. What a great idea!

The Educators’ Spin On It shows you how to make this shape scarecrow craft.

Still Playing School made a a simple toilet paper roll scarecrow that I just love! These would make great puppets.

Life Over C’s has a free cut and paste scarecrow craft that is so fun! This paper scarecrow is great for scissors skills and fine motor skills.

Crafty Morning made this popsicle stick scarecrow craft which is just adorable. I love that it is a friendly looking scarecrow. Hot glue may be a faster option in this craft than white glue.

Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Here are more preschool Fall activities to try.

A pumpkin dice game to practice counting and number recognition.

November Number Puzzles to cut out and match. These puzzles focus on number recognition, tally marks, and ten frames with a turkey theme.

Preschool Owl Activities that are fun for Fall. Owl puzzles, owl dice games, and owl alphabet search and find activities are included in these free printables.

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