Preschool Owl Activities (free printable)

Are you looking for a fun way for young children to have fun learning with an owl theme? These owl games for preschoolers are a great way to add owl activities to preschool classrooms and homes too. From puzzles and Memory to dice games and an alphabet search and find, you are sure to find resources that your kids will love.

Owl Printables for Preschoolers

Owl Puzzles

I love that these homemade puzzles are real pictures of owls.

  1. Print the puzzle page.
  2. Cut out the four puzzles.
  3. Cut the pieces apart.
  4. Laminate for durability.
  5. Challenge your children to put the pieces back together to form an owl.

Put magnets on the back and solve these puzzles on a vertical surface such as a magnetic easel or refrigerator. Working on a vertical surface is so beneficial for preschoolers. It builds their core, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Owl Memory Game

We love memory games! A simple matching game is so beneficial for visual discrimination and spatial awareness.

  1. There are 8 different colored owls in this game. Print two copies of the Memory Cards.
  2. Cut the cards apart. Laminate for durability.
  3. Mix up the cards and put them face down in four rows of four cards.
  4. Take turns turning over two cards. If the cards match, keep the pair and go again.
  5. If they don’t match, flip them back over and the next player takes their turn.
  6. Keep going until all of the matches are found.
  7. The player with the most matches is the winner.

Owl Shape Sorting

Print the owl shapes. The owl cards include the basic shapes of circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Use these cards to sort shapes. One idea is to cut shapes out of construction paper or craft foam for sorting. You can also sort blocks by shape. These shape buttons (affiliate link) are our favorite for sorting, counting, and to use as game pieces.

Owl Counting

This owl counting activity is a fun way to practice the math skills of counting, one to one correspondence, and number recognition. Print the owl cards and the numeral cards. Cut them out and mix them up. Match the owl number card to the numeral.

You can also use these cards to practice number order. Match number magnets to the owls instead of the number cards.

These cards can also be turned into a game of Memory!

Owl Alphabet Search and Find

There are two pages of the owl alphabet search and find. One includes all letters that have straight lines only. The other pages includes letters that have curves.

There are two ways you can use this resource. One way is to put it in literacy centers with a do a dot marker. If it is an independent activity, children will say a letter and stamp it. If they are working in pairs, one child will say “I spy the letter K.” and the other child will hunt for it and stamp it with the marker.

Teachers can also use these pages to assess literacy skills such as letter recognition or letter sounds. You can say, “Do you see any letters that you know?” or you can point to the letters and ask your student what the name of it is or the sound it makes.

Owl Dice Game

This dice game is a fun way to practice counting and one to one correspondence. Because it is on a ten frame it also is great for strengthening number sense.

  1. Print the game board.
  2. Collect game pieces such as blocks, buttons, gems, etc.
  3. Roll one die. Cover the amount of owls you rolled. Encourage the child to cover the owls from top to bottom, left to right.
  4. “How many more do you need to win?” “Oh I see that you are halfway there.”
  5. You win when all of the owls are covered.

Download the Free Printable Preschool Owl Activities

Then keep reading for more owl activities and crafts!

Owl Activities

Dissect owl pellets. Students will have a great time looking through the pellets to discover bones of different animals that were eaten by the owl. Make sure to have books about owls and a chart to compare the bones that are found to identify the prey.

Sing owl songs and poems. Our favorite is 5 Little Owls. You can make puppets on craft sticks using the free printable.

Looking for cooperative games for your students to play? Try this Hoot Owl Hoot! board game.

During circle time try a game of Hoot! Hoot! Catch. Play it like a game of Duck Duck Goose. Pretend to be owls and say “Hoot, Hoot, Hoot” and then “Catch” when you tap the head of the person to chase you around the circle.

Check out these amazing Owl Facts for kids!

Try this O is for Owl Drawing Activity. This drawing series is awesome because you start each drawing by making a capital letter. Then you draw something that starts with that letter. So fun!

Owl Crafts for Kids

These are our favorite owl crafts for preschoolers from The Activity Mom. Crafts are a great way to strengthen fine motor skills by using glue, paint brushes, and cotton balls. These snowy owl crafts are simple to do. They include things like a paper owl, rock owl, and a paper plate owl craft too.

Owl Clipart from:

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