Star Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for star themed activities for young children? Give these star shape crafts and activities a try. It’s a fun way to get hands on with shapes.

Whether it’s taking about stars along with other shapes like circles and squares or looking for stars in the night sky, children love stars! Most stars have 5 points and 10 sides.

Star Activities

Scissors Activity

Cut stars with these cutting strips. Print them onto card stock. Cut the four strips apart. Encourage your preschooler to cut between each star. It is easier for young children that are just beginning to use scissors to cut small snips in card stock. Because it is firmer, it makes it easier to hold and easy to cut.

After the stars are cut apart you can use them for something else. Use them with glue to create a star collage. Put a piece of contact paper (sticky side up) to make a star ornament or window decoration.

You’ll notice they are different colors and they are in different patterns. After you cut the stars apart, you can sort the stars by color or make patterns with the pieces.

Write the letters of each child’s name on the stars. Challenge them to glue their name of stars onto a piece of construction paper.

Download the Star Scissors Activity

Star Board Game

This star board game is so much fun! Who will get their star to the flag first? Use an eraser, button, or a gem as a game piece. Roll the die and move your game piece the matching number of spaces. Take turns rolling and counting. The first player to get to the flag wins.

Using a regular die with this game makes the game shorter. Some kids like that it is a quick game and want to play again and again. Others may want the game to be longer. In this case, make your own die by writing the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on a wooden cube. Now the game will take more rolls to finish.

Download the Star Board Game

Practice counting and threading beads onto a pipe cleaner with this shooting star activity from Preschool Play. As little fingers count and thread beads onto pipe cleaners, they are strengthening math skills and fine motor skills.

Make star garland to practice ordering the letters of your name like they did at Kindergarten Worksheets and Games. What a great way for each child to see their name in print.

Make letter constellations to explore like they did at The Activity Mom. They are a fun and easy way to work on letter recognition. All you need is paper towel tubes, rubber bands, black paper, and a thumb tack to punch the holes.

How about these awesome shape constellations from Turner Tots? Draw shapes by connecting the stickers with lines. This would also be a cool way to make abstract shapes and practice drawing lines in different directions.

Use stars to calm down with this mindfulness calm down jar. Using glitter to represent stars, make a jar that can be in the environment that improves calmness and provides the opportunity for visual tracking too.

Star Crafts

You will love these craft ideas with a star theme.

Pre-K Pages made cool art with a white crayon and black paint. (not shown) Draw stars with a white crayon onto paper. Then, encourage your child to use watercolor to cover the page with black or blue paint. Seeing the stars appear on the page is a magical experience.

Red Ted Art shows you how to make these paper star ornaments by folding a square piece of paper. You could even use paper clips to make a star garland or hang them from a Christmas tree.

Happy Hooligans used twigs and string to make these really cool star ornaments. I love the way these look hanging in the window or on the back porch. Add beads and bells to make it a wind chime. If the right sized sticks are hard to find you could also use popsicle sticks to make theses.

Gift of Curiosity shows us how to use star stickers and chalk to make your own constellations of the night sky. This is also a great craft for your outer space theme lesson plans.

Stamp with star cookie cutters like they did at Mrs Plemons Kindergarten. Use black paper and white paint or blue paper and yellow paint to create a star masterpiece.

Star Sensory Play

Fun a Day shows you how to make a really relaxing star sensory bottle. Some people refer to these as calming jars too.

The Empowered Educator has a really simple and fun star sensory bin that will provide hours of sensory play and fine motor skill development. The base is made from black beans. It really makes the color of the stars pop. The tongs are there to grab the stars with. You could also use a slotted spoon.

I love this Star Soup sensory tub from Modern Preschool! Doesn’t it just make you want to scoop and pour?

Little Bins for Little Hands makes frozen stars for sensory play. So fun! See all of the ways they use them.

Star Songs

Of course the nursery rhyme of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would be the perfect song for a star theme. A star poem such as Star Light Star Bright would be fun too.

Star light, star bright

The first star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

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