Fall Preschool Printables (free)

Are you looking for printable activities for the Fall season? These free Fall printables are the perfect way to make learning fun. From counting and tracing to dice games and the alphabet, these are sure to be a big hit!

Apple Basket Counting Cards

Print the apple baskets onto card stock and cut them out. Use pom poms, buttons, or gems as apples. Arrange the baskets in order from smallest to largest. Put the correct number of apples in each basket.

If you are working one on one with a child, have them put a certain number in a basket and then “eat” one. Now how many do they have? This activity is a great way to practice counting, number recognition, and introducing the concepts of addition and subtraction.

Download the Apple Basket Counting Cards

Pumpkin Roll and Trace

This pumpkin tracing activity is the perfect addition to a math center or busy bag. Print the game onto card stock and laminate. Use a dry erase marker. Roll a die and look at the chart to find what shape you rolled. Trace that shape on the pumpkin. Students can trace all of the same shapes that were rolled or one shape for each roll. When the entire pumpkin is traced, you win!

Math skills such as number sense, visual discrimination, and reading a chart are all at play. Check out our other tracing activities that include numbers and shapes.

Download the Pumpkin Roll and Trace Worksheet

Apple Tree Alphabet

Are you looking for literacy activities with a Fall theme? This activity is a fun way to work on letter recognition and could be used to informally assess uppercase letters.

Use bingo chips, buttons, or gems as apples. Say the letter or letter sound and cover it. When all of the letters are covered, you win. Another way to play is to cover all of the letters with “apples” and to say each letter as you “pick an apple”. When all of the apples are picked, you win.

Download the Apple Tree Alphabet Mat

Leaf Memory Game

Memory games are so much fun. Print the Fall leaves and play a game of memory or use them as a matching activity.

You can also turn the free printables into a sorting activity. Sort the different leaves by color or leaf shape (fat/skinny). This sorting activity is great for color recognition.

Print the leaf Memory Game and let the fun begin.

Jack o Lantern Number Puzzle

Challenge your child to cut along the straight lines of the puzzle. This is great fine motor practice. However, if you want the lines perfectly straight it is ok to cut them yourself. Mix up the pieces and have your child or students put them in order from 1 to 10. It may be helpful for younger children to print another copy to use as a mat and match the pieces to.

Download the Jack o Lantern Puzzle

Preschool Scarecrow Activities

This printable pack of preschool scarecrow activities includes shape puzzles, matching activities, songs and crafts.

Download the Scarecrow Activities

More Fall Preschool Activities

Go on a nature walk. Collect leaves, sticks, rocks and other treasures. Notice the different colors around you.

Fall Roll and Cover Dice Games

Fall Counting Puzzles

Fall Coloring Pages from Easy Peasy and Fun

Living Life and Learning offers free Fall lacing cards to print.

Free Fall count and clip cards from Fluffy Tots.

Little Bins for Little Hands shows us 10 different sensory bins that you can make for sensory play. Of course, scooping out the insides of a pumpkin is great sensory play too.

Thanksgiving Qtip Painting

Get out your dot markers and print these dot marker pages from Preschool Play and Learn. So fun!

Try an apple experiment from Gift of Curiosity.

A Fall leaf science experiment from Little Pinch of Perfect is a fun way to learn about leaves.

Fall Songs

Here are some of our favorite songs and rhymes for Fall.

5 Little Leaves

Pumpkin Action Rhymes

Which Fall activities are you going to try first?

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