Number Tracing Worksheets (free printable)

Number formation can be tricky for younger children. These writing numbers worksheets are a great way to practice number tracing and build fine motor skills.

Use these free worksheets with small groups of young children, for morning work, or in math centers. These are also a good option for kindergarten age children to have extra practice and review their math skills.

Targeted Skills

  • Number Recognition Skills
  • Number Writing Practice
  • Counting
  • Pencil Control


  1. When children are tracing numbers it is very important that they always start at the top.
  2. Trace numbers at the top of the page. You could trace the top row of the worksheet with your hand over theirs and have them try it independently on the second row.
  3. Then, fill in the ten frame at the bottom with that number of dots or stickers. Dot markers or a bingo dabber are great for this part of the free printable worksheet.

Different Ways to use the Tracing Worksheets

Rainbow Writing is a fun way to practice tracing and writing. Use a different color for the dotted lines of each number or start by tracing a number with red, tracing it again with orange, tracing it again with yellow, etc. until you finish with purple. Each number will be a rainbow.

Make a book with these worksheets for each student.

Laminate the worksheets and use them with a dry erase marker. This will allow you to use them over and over again.

If your students are ready for number words or tally marks they can write those at the bottom of the page or you can write them before copying to expose them to those concepts.

Practice Writing Numbers

You can have your students practice writing numbers in different ways in addition to worksheets.

  • Write numbers in shaving cream.
  • Use a salt tray to write numbers in.
  • Take a flash light in a dim room and write numbers on the ceiling.
  • Write numbers on someone else’s back and have them guess which number you are writing.
  • Use sidewalk chalk outside to write numbers.
  • Paint water on a chalkboard to form numbers.
  • Make a number with painters tape and have students walk along it or drive cars along it to form the number.

Download the Number Tracing Worksheets

More Preschool Printable Activities

Dot to Dot Printables are a fun way to practice fine motor skills, counting, and number identification.

Preschool Number Mazes are a great way to practice number recognition and pencil control.

Number puzzles for the whole year organized by month. Great for number sense and practice with tally marks and ten frames.

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