Free Do a Dot Alphabet Printables

These do a dot worksheets are a fun way to practice so many skills. The free dot marker printables include all 26 letters of the alphabet (uppercase letters).

Use them in literacy centers, low prep morning work, or as independent activities for young learners. Kindergarten age students also benefit from this practice. Although kids of all ages love working on these fun printables.

Targeted Skills

These alphabet dot pages are a great way to provide extra practice of different skills.

  • fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • letter recognition
  • letter sounds


  1. Use bingo markers to fill in the circles of each letter. Encourage young children to start at the top of the letter.
  2. Work on these sheets in alphabetical order or use whichever letters you are working on. I prefer to start with the letters of the child’s name when introducing letters.

More Ideas for Using the Do A Dot Alphabet Printables

If you don’t have do-a-dot markers that’s ok! There are many different ways to use the alphabet do-a-dot printables.

Put magnets on the back of pom poms. We use self adhesive magnetic tape. Put the worksheet on a magnetic cookie sheet. Place each pom pom into a circle of the letter or the picture next to it. Picking up the pom poms is great fine motor practice.

Place glass gems (I get those at the dollar store.) in the circles of the page.

Use stickers on the free printables to make each letter.

Q-tips are a fun way to paint inside the circles of the page.

Circle stamps are an option too if you have those on hand. Stamp one time in each circle.

Do-A-Dot Marker Activities

Here are a few more creative ways to use bingo daubers while making learning fun.

Write a number at the top of the page and challenge your child to put that many dots on the page.

Print your child’s name on a piece of paper and encourage your child or student to stamp along each letter.

Draw shapes and put dots along each line of the shape or fill in each shape with dots.

Use do-a-dot marker instead of manipulatives to play Roll and Cover Math games.

Ladybug Alphabet Dot Marker Pages are a fun way to search for and stamp letters.

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for more alphabet printables? Check out our other free resources!

The Alphabet Mystery Pictures are a fun way to practice letter recognition and scissor skills too.

More alphabet dot marker printables. Hunt for the capital letters and stamp each one.

These alphabet play dough mats are a fun way to practice forming letters and strengthening hand and finger muscles by using play dough.

Free Very Hungry Caterpillar Alphabet Matching

This Very Hungry Caterpillar Alphabet Matching activity is a fun way to extend this classic story.

Download the FREE Do-A-Dot Alphabet Printables

Whether you use a letter of the week curriculum, need more Summer learning activities, or need a great activity to practice certain letters, these free worksheets are for you! The best part is that this printable pack includes the whole alphabet.

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