Color Games and Activities for Preschool

Are you looking for a fun way to practice color recognition? Check out these fun color games for preschool that are sure to be a hit with young children!

Color Scavenger Hunt

Look around your house or go outside on a nature walk to hunt for colorful objects. Not only does this color activity focus on matching colors, but it also brings awareness to the world around them.

Collect items in different colored bags or containers. You can also use these color printables to match the items to or use it as a list to keep track of what colors you’ve found.

Download the Color Sorting Printables

Color Sorting

Here’s a simple color sorting craft from The Activity Mom. It is simple to set up. Squeezing the glue strengthens hand and finger muscles.

Use ice cube trays and craft foam to make a color sorting activity with small items like they did at The Activity Mom. The best way to make this is to cut small rectangles of craft foam and lay them in the bottom of each cube spot.

Graph Your Favorite Color

Joyful Learning in KC made a bar graph of favorite colors. This is a great way to talk about different colors and to build community in your classroom. I like how she had them draw a picture of themselves for the graph. Another idea is to have their names typed out and ready to tape or glue onto the bar graph. Then, they are exposed to their classmates names as well as color names on the chart.

Color Mixing

Explore colors with a color mixing activity. Try it on coffee filters with markers and water like they did at The Kitchen Table Classroom.

Experiment with mixing only primary colors like they did at The Keeper of the Memories.

Invent new colors by mixing any and all colors of paint. The freedom of this experience will have your child or students revisiting this fun activity over and over again. Will they figure out how to not make brown?

Color Sensory Experiences

How about sensory play with a sensory bin from Pocket of Preschool. It looks so inviting with cups, trays, scoops and spatulas!

Make Rainbow Toast like they did at Learn Play Imagine. This is a fantastic sensory experience. Will your kids eat the toast once it is painted? I’m not sure. My kids are pretty picky and probably wouldn’t. Either way there is something to be said for painting on a unique canvas and toast is a special place to paint.

Color Songs

Teaching Mama has 10 songs about colors for preschoolers. Music is one of the best ways to learn! So make sure to check these out.

Color Activities with Fine Motor Skills

The OT Toolbox talks about the benefits of this activity from Sugar Aunts. This is a brilliant activity of pushing a paper clip into the matching colored dough. This is fantastic for developing fine motor skills and the pincer grasp.

Chalk Academy made this color matching activity using clothes pins. Draw a half circle or rectangle of each color and color it in. Write the color word on the spot (optional). Color the clothes pins or you can buy clothes pins that are already colored. Pinching these clothes pins and attaching them to the cardboard is an important skill for hand-eye coordination.

Color Games

Many Little Joys shares a fun game that practices colors and numbers. I love how this game gets kids moving!

Play a game of Color Bingo from Fun with Mama

Kids will love this Feed the Shark Game from Mommy Made That. It also goes well with the song Baby Shark.

We hope you love these fun ideas as much as we do. These color activities, printables, and games are sure to brighten up your day.

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