Triangle Worksheets for Preschool (free printable)

Are your preschool students working on 2d shapes or basic shapes? These triangle worksheets are a great way to work with this simple shape in a fun way.

Young children look for and notice different shapes on their own as they are at home, in the car, and at school. They are naturally curious.

Targeted Skills

  • fine motor skills
  • shape recognition
  • shape words

Make a Triangle

You can use this triangle worksheet in many different ways! Use everyday items that you already have on hand to work with this shape.

Fill the Triangle

  • Fill the triangle with paint.
  • Use a dot marker to fill in the triangle.
  • Fill the triangle with blocks.
  • Glue items inside the triangle (sequins, buttons, pieces of paper, etc.)

Outline the Triangle

  • Use play dough. Make a ball and then roll it into a snake. Make three snakes and put them together to form the triangle.
  • Glue different items along the outline of the triangle (buttons, googly eyes, sequins, or toothpicks).
  • Make finger prints along the outline of the triangle.
  • Place stickers along the lines of the triangle.
  • Do you notice that this triangle has equal sides?

Triangle Tracing Worksheets

Use this triangles worksheet to trace triangles. Laminate the page or use a sheet protector and use a dry erase marker so that the children can use the printable pages again and again. Shape tracing is a great way to work on making lines and curves, straight lines in this instance.

Triangle Objects

These shape pictures include real life objects that are triangular shaped. Cut out the pictures and talk about them. Put them with other shape pictures from this series for a sorting activity.

  • pizza
  • tent
  • boat
  • watermelon slice
  • party hat
  • tree

You can use these pictures to make a book of shapes. Print the Make a Triangle Page. Challenge students to cut out the pictures and glue them onto the triangle page. Repeat this step for each shape and then staple all of the shapes together to make a book.

Triangle Coloring Page

This is a fun coloring page for children of all ages. It can be used while you are waiting somewhere or even traveling. How many triangles do you see?

Shape Activities

  1. Make a shapes book using the shape pages.
  2. Go on a shape hunt for triangles. Check outside, inside, and even in the clouds.
  3. Join your friends and use your body to make a triangle. Have someone take a picture of it so they can see how their bodies formed a triangle.
  4. Line up stuffed animals or characters to make a triangle.
  5. Make a collage with triangles. Precut different colored construction paper into triangles of different sizes. Encourage your students to glue the triangles in any way they want. We have used black paper as the background and the colors pop off the page and look really cool no matter how the children arrange them.
  6. Draw large triangles outside with sidewalk chalk. Children will love to walk along the lines, jump inside and outside of the shape, and draw their own triangles too.
  7. Have a triangle snack! Cut sandwiches into triangles. Eat triangle shaped crackers or enjoy a triangle piece of cake.
  8. Put together a DIY writing tray by putting a thin layer of sand or salt in a tray. Put the Make a Triangle page under the sand or next to the tray. Encourage the children to use their finger to make a triangle.
  9. Make a crown out of a strip of construction paper. Cover it with triangle stickers, triangle pieces of paper, or triangle stamps.
  10. Use craft sticks to make a triangle. Try toothpicks too.

Download the Preschool Triangle Worksheets

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