Tissue Box Pumpkin Game for Preschoolers

This Pumpkin Game is perfect for preschoolers because it can be used to have fun practicing almost anything! 

  1. Download and print the pumpkin game template (below).
  2. Cut it out and tape it to the top of an empty tissue box.
  3. Use it to play one or all of these pumpkin games!
pumpkin game

Pumpkin Counting Game

  1. Start with 10 or 20 plastic spider rings.
  2. Roll the die and feed the pumpkin the number of spiders that you rolled.
  3. When all of the spiders are eaten, you win!

Variation: Use tongs or tweezers to transfer the plastic spiders into the pumpkin’s mouth. 

pumpkin game

Pumpkin Alphabet Game

  1. Spread out a handful of letter or number magnets (or puzzle pieces).
  2. Mr. Pumpkin will ONLY eat letters.
  3. Feed the letters to Mr. Pumpkin.
  4. Say the letter names (or letter sounds) as you put them in his mouth.

Variation: Mr. Pumpkin is ONLY hungry for numbers. Name the number as you feed it to him or feed him in order from 1 to 10. 

pumpkin game with shapes

Pumpkin Shapes Game

  • Use shaped blocks or buttons.
  • Mr. Pumpkin loves to eat shapes.
  • Name each shape as you feed Mr. Pumpkin.

Variation: Name the color as you feed it to Mr. Pumpkin. 

pumpkin game with letters

Pumpkin Letter Sounds Game

  1. Mr. Pumpkin is hungry for letters!
  2. Say the sound of each letter as you feed it to him.

Variation: Only feed him the yellow letters. Say the sound as you feed it to him.Variation: Feed the letters to him in alphabetical order. 

Other Ideas:

  • Write your child’s sight words on index cards. Read the word and feed it to Mr. Pumpkin. Add these sight word coloring pages for extra practice.
  • Write and feed each of your spelling words to Mr. Pumpkin.

Download the Tissue Box Pumpkin Game

Print, cut, and play!   

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