The Mitten Dice Game (free printable)

The Mitten by Jan Brett is a popular children’s book to read in the Winter time. After you read the book, try this free printable game. Young children love dice games! The Mitten Dice game is a fun game of helping the woodland animals to all fit inside the mitten.

This fun activity is a great way to practice counting and number recognition in the early childhood classroom. Extend your Winter theme with an indoor snowball fight.


  • Game Board
  • Chart
  • Dice
  • Game Pieces for Covering – pom poms, buttons, gems, blocks, etc.

How to Play

This is usually played as a one player game, but can also be played in partners that work together to win. To win the game, fill the mitten with all of the animals.

  1. Cut out the animals.
  2. Roll the die.
  3. Put the matching animal in the mitten.
  4. If you roll a number you’ve already rolled, roll again.
  5. When all of the animals are inside the mitten, you win!

A Different Version

  1. Roll the die and cover the matching animal in the mitten.
  2. If you roll the number of an animal that is already covered, roll again.
  3. When all of the animals are covered in the mitten, you win!

The Mitten Grid Game

Another fun way to practice counting with one to one correspondence.

  1. Roll the die.
  2. Cover the corresponding number of animals.
  3. Encourage your child to work from left to right, top to bottom.
  4. When all of the spaces are covered, you win!

Download the Free Printable Mitten Dice Games

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