Superhero Alphabet Printables (free)

The superhero alphabet printables are a great way for little learners to practice identifying and matching each letter of the alphabet. These will be a hit with every superhero fan!

These superhero letters free printables are a great addition to literacy centers. It is a fun activity to work on independently or with a partner. Download the printable pack at the bottom of the post

Targeted Skills:

  • letter recognition
  • matching
  • letter sound identification

What is your child’s favorite superhero? Does your child dress up and fight the bad guys? Why not sneak in a little learning using something that they love!

Superhero Printable Masks with Capital Letters

For children just beginning to explore the alphabet, start the mask cards. Matching capital letter to capital letter will be a gentle introduction to the alphabet. Start with only a few superhero cards at a time to match. This will be less overwhelming and your little superhero will have more success.

Match the upper case letters to make a mask or shield. My child’s favorite is Captain America. You could also use these as cutting practice. Give your child the shield or mask and challenge them to cut along the line to cut it in half.

Download the Superhero Capital Letter Matching Activity

Superheroes with Lowercase Letters

When your students are solid with their capital letter identification, you can begin to introduce lowercase letters. Introduce the letters first that look similar to their uppercase letter.

Match the lower case letters to the capital letters. You could also use these as cutting practice. Give your child the superhero and challenge them to cut along the line to cut it in half.

Clipart from MyClipartStore

Download the Superhero Capital and Lowercase Matching Activity

More Ways to Use the Superhero Alphabet Activities

Hide one part of the puzzle in the room. Find the pieces and match them.

Put the letters in alphabetical order.

Find the letters in your name.

Find all of the letters with straight lines only.

Find the letters that only have curves.

Turn it into a race. Put a few pieces in front of your child and the matching pieces at the end of the hall. Say “Go” and have your child race down to find the piece he is looking for and race back to complete the puzzle.

Put magnets on the back and move the matching game to a vertical surface that is magnetic such as the refrigerator. Working on a vertical surface is great for wrist rotation which is important for writing.

If you have a felt board, put velcro dots on the back of the cards and match them on the vertical surface of the felt board.

More Superhero Printables

Download the FREE Superhero Cut and Paste Activity Printable Set

The challenge is for your child to cut apart the superheroes (on the line). Then, mix them up and glue each piece on top of the matching hero.

4 thoughts on “Superhero Alphabet Printables (free)”

  1. Let me start by saying I am absolutely so appreciative that you’ve made these teaching assets available. I am homeschooling my pre-school grandchild this year, and this is my second year of retiring from Reading/Writing specialist for secondary grades, so it’s an entirely new adventure for me. 🙂 We are both learning a lot of new things together. With that being said, the super heroes are going to pump him up when we start with them and they will fit right in with a first reader I have. I laminated all of them and haven’t finished cutting them out. There are so many ways we will be able to use these. When I’m clicking on the ones that are their full bodies I’m only getting the “e” “f” “g” & “h”. Am I doing something wrong or overlooking it? I think I’ve printed out almost everything you’ve got listed and some twice to put a different spin for him to use on them also. As I said, I APPRECIATE this source of info more than you know. I’ve sent the link to my friend who is currently teaching and she’s fallen in love with it also. I was and am always so pleased when someone who knows is willing to freely share what they know. Just THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so glad you are able to use these activities to make learning fun. Thanks for letting me know that the superhero alphabet matching activity was only showing one page. I have corrected it so you should be all set to download the whole alphabet. =)

  2. Thank you so much for this resource! It’s super cute and I know the kids are going to love it when we start superhero week!


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