Radiator Springs Alphabet Matching (printable)

If your little learners love the movie Cars, then they will have so much fun with this Radiator Springs Letter Matching activity. This free printable car-themed alphabet activity is a fun way to practice matching capital letters to lower case letters.

Targeted Age:

Kindergarten Age Children

Targeted Skills:

Letter Identification

Matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters of the alphabet

You can use this alphabet matching game in different ways.

Put the capital letters in alphabetical order, then match the lowercase letters for great letter practice.

Put magnets onto the back of the letter cards and match the different cards on a vertical surface such as a refrigerator or magnetic easel. Working on a vertical surface is so important for preschoolers. It strengthens the muscles needed for writing.

If you are just beginning to work with lowercase letters, only give your child a few letters at a time. I try to give 3 that they will recognize the match to and 1 tricky one that they will figure out with the process of elimination. This will build their confidence.

Download the Radiator Springs Alphabet Matching

Other Car Alphabet Activities:

Make an Alphabet Road – Use blue painters tape to make several roads and turn it into a fun car game. Write letters along the road and challenge your child to name a letter when they drive over it. Or you can make several roads and put a letter at the end of each road. Challenge your child to drive their toy cars to the “B Road” or to the end of the “S Road”. This is a fun activity that preschoolers will have a great time playing over and over again!

Make an Alphabet Parking Lot – Divide a large piece of construction paper into sections and write a letter in each section. Tell your child to park his matchbox cars in the parking spots that you tell him to. For example if you have colorful cars, park the red car in spot F or park the green car in spot X.

For a more independent version, use dot stickers and put one on each car with upper case letters on them. Write a corresponding letter in each spot of the parking lot. Challenge your child to drive the race cars to their matching letter. This a fun activity for young learners that love cars!

We hope you enjoy this alphabet fun as much as we do! For more fun resources, check out our other printable alphabet activities for preschoolers.

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