Printable Cut and Paste Activities for Preschoolers

Cut and paste activities for preschoolers help to build fine motor skills. Scissor skills are an important skill for young learners.

As I began my search for preschool cut and paste pages, I had a hard time finding a cut and paste activity that was simple for young children and beginning scissor skills. So I decided to design and fun craft with straight lines that are a simple cut. I hope the designs on these free printable worksheets, interest your preschooler and are the perfect way to encourage practice with scissors.

FREE cut and paste activities for preschoolers


  1. Print both pages of the cut and paste worksheets.
  2. The colored copy is for cutting and the grey copy is the cut and paste printable mat to glue the pieces onto.
  3. Have your child hold the paper in one hand and cut with the other.
  4. Make sure they are holding their thumb on the top.
  5. Start at the bottom of the page. Cut along the straight lines .
  6. Mix up the pieces and put them back in correct order.
  7. Glue them onto the gray mat using a glue stick or a paint brush and white glue.

Important Math Skills Targeted:

  • Ordering and Sequencing
  • Matching
  • Visual Discrimination
Cut and Paste Activities for Preschoolers

Download the Superhero Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and Paste Activities for Preschoolers

Download the Cinderella Cut and Paste Activity

FREE cut and paste activity for preschool

Download the Three Little Pigs Cut and Paste Worksheet

This printable activity can be used in literacy centers to compliment the classic book.

 Cut and Paste Worksheets for Preschoolers

Download the Dinosaur Cut and Paste Activity for Preschoolers

A great way to encourage your dinosaur lover to pick up the scissors. 

Cut and Paste for Preschoolers

 Rapunzel Cut and Paste Pages 

So much fun for your princess lover!

Little Red Hen Cut and Paste goes great with any version of The Little Red Hen.

Other Fun Activities:

  • Free cut with paper (make fringe, cut random pieces)
  • Precut strips of paper (about an inch wide) and draw vertical lines along the strip. Have your child cut the strip of paper into small pieces by cutting on the lines.
  • Rip paper (this helps with wrist rotation)
  • Cut pictures out of magazines.
  • Cut straws (put a bunch of straws in a large storage tub and let a small group of children work on cutting them. 
  • Try this pirate cutting activity that kids will love.

We hope you enjoy these cut and paste activities for preschoolers as much as we do. If you want more FREE cut and paste printables such as Cars, Nativity, and Gingerbread Man check them out at The Activity Mom.

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