Paw Patrol Preschool Games (free printable)

Young children love the Paw Patrol team! Are you looking for free printable Paw Patrol preschool games? You have come to the right place.

If you haven’t seen this favorite tv show yet on Nick Jr., it is about the Paw Patrol pups and a young boy named Ryder who go on rescue missions and new adventures to protect Adventure Bay. The pups of Paw Patrol are heroic puppies that teach valuable lessons along the way. I’m sure your children have their favorite characters. The main Paw Patrol characters are Ryder, Zuma, Rocky, Chase, and Skye and they each have special skills. The pup’s badges each show a symbol that represents their job. Ryder’s badge has a paw print that is different than the rest of the pups.

  • Ryder is the leader of the Paw Patrol.
  • Chase is a police officer pup.
  • Marshall is the fire rescue pup.
  • Skye is the arial rescue pup.
  • Rocky is a recycling pup.
  • Rubble is a construction pup.
  • Zuma is a water rescue pup.
  • Mayor Goodway is the mayor of Adventure Bay.

The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Movie that recently came out has Ryder and the different pups of The Paw Patrol on a mission to stop the new mayor, Mayor Humdinger, from the chaos he is causing in Adventure Bay.

Paw Patrol Preschool Dice Games

Paw Patrol Dice Games

This fun game is a great way to practice counting and number recognition. It can also be used for cutting practice or a fun puzzle. You can also use this fun kids’ game at a party to play with party guests.

  1. Print the games onto card stock.
  2. Have your child cut on each line to cut the pieces apart or cut the pieces apart ahead of time
  3. Mix up the pieces.
  4. Roll a die.
  5. Whatever number you roll, find it and put that piece in front of you.
  6. When you have rolled all of the numbers and your Paw Patrol puzzle is complete, you win!

This free printable includes 7 character game boards. Print them out, grab some dice, and let the fun begin.

Download the Paw Patrol Dice Games

More Free Paw Patrol Games

Crafty Mama in Me has a Free Paw Patrol Bingo set. Kids of all ages love bingo. This would be a great game for a party.

Download Paw Patrol Memory from Boy Mama Teacher Mama.

Super Coloring has free Paw Patrol coloring pages to print out and get creative with.

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