Free Finger Tracing Calming Cards

Preschool children showing big feelings is common and normal as they learn to navigate the world around them. There are many different effective strategies for helping children calm down when they are experiencing intense feelings.

From finding a quiet space to do deep breathing (like deep belly breaths) to these free finger tracing calming cards, you are sure to find an effective tool for the young children in your life. 

The free printable helps young children focus on the calming motion of tracing the different shaped lines.

They are a great addition to a calm down corner and also a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills. They are the perfect tool to practice emotional regulation skills. 

Download and print the free calming cards. Laminate them for durability. Encourage your child or student to put their finger on the beginning of a line and trace it until they get to the other end. 

Download the Free Printable Finger Tracing Calming Cards

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