One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Dr. Seuss Printables

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Because of his birthday, many places celebrate Read Across America Day during that first week of March. One of our favorite Dr. Seuss books is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. If you love that classic Dr. Seuss book too, you will love these One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish printables. 

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Activities

Fish Bubble Sorting and Counting 

This activity can be used in many ways. You can use it to focus on color recognition, sorting, and counting.

  1. Download and print the fish printable.
  2. Cut out each fish.
  3. Gather bubbles. Bubbles can be buttons, pom poms, gems, or even circles of craft foam. 
  4. Here is where you can differentiate the activity. Sort the bubbles by color. Or write a numeral on each fish and count that many bubbles for each one.

Download the Fish Bubble Sort and Count Activity

Fish Dot to Dot

Connect the dots from 1 to 20 in this easy dot to dot activity. Then, turn the dot to dot into a fish coloring page.

Download the Fish Dot to Dot Page

Fish Dice Game

The One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish game is a fun way to practice number recognition and counting.

  1. Download and print the Fish Roll and Cover Dice Game.
  2. Gather 1 die and counters. You can use buttons, gems, blocks, or even candy for counters.
  3. Roll the die. Cover the number you rolled.
  4. If you roll a number that is already covered, roll again.
  5. When you cover all of the numbers, you win!

Fish Coloring Page

Get creative with this One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish coloring page. For scissors practice, you can challenge children to cut around each of the fish after they color them. Paste them onto craft sticks and they become puppets that kids can hold up as you read the story. This activity strengthens literacy skills.

Download the One Fish Two Fish Coloring Page

Fish Color Matching

Match each fish to the same colored fish bowl. This Fish Color matching activity includes the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Glue magnets on the back of the pieces to use on a magnetic, vertical surface such as a fridge or magnetic easel. Working on a vertical surface is so beneficial for preschoolers. It strengthens their shoulders, arms, and core which are all important for writing.

Go Fishing

Make your own fishing game where children can actually catch their own fish. Print the fish template (above) that we used for the Bubble Sort and Count activity. Cut the fish out and attach a metal paper clip to their mouths.

Then, make a fishing pole. Use a popsicle stick, wooden dowel, or stick that you find in the yard. Tie one end of a string to the stick. Use hot glue to attach a magnet to the other side of the string.

Put the fish in a large basket or container. Challenge children to catch a fish by aiming their fishing pole.

Turn this into a learning activity by drawing a shape or writing a letter or number on each fish. When they catch a fish they say the name of the shape, letter, or number.

Addition Fishbowls

Strengthen Math skills with this fish bowl addition activity. Kids of all ages love eating Goldfish crackers! So why not turn them into a learning activity.

  1. Print the fish bowl addition mat and laminate it (optional).
  2. Roll a die and put that many fish crackers into the fish bowl. Write that number in the first circle.
  3. Then, roll the die again. Write that number in the second circle and add that number of fish to the bowl.
  4. Count all of the fish crackers and write the total number of fish in the third circle. After you find the sum of fish, eat them. So much fun!

This is a great addition to a math center or it would make a fun small group activity.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Craft Ideas

Oh Hey Let’s Play shows you how to make this paper plate fish craft. Just add a craft stick to the back and children can hold up their red fish or blue fish as you read that part in the One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish book. 

Reformed Ragamuffins shares this fun craft idea for young readers.  Rip pieces of red and blue construction paper or tissue paper. Sort the colors and glue them onto the fish. Ripping paper is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills, developing the pincer grasp and strengthening wrist rotation which both are important for writing. 

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