Corduroy Letter Matching Activity (free printable)

Corduroy by Don Freeman is a classic children’s book. This Corduroy letter matching activity is the perfect companion to the book Corduroy!

In the book, the little girl wants Corduroy but her mother notices he has a missing button. In this alphabet activity, help Corduroy find his missing button by matching the letters.

Corduroy Letter Matching

Print and cut apart each Corduroy. We used a paper cutter and cut them into rectangles.

Print and cut apart each button. Or you can use real buttons and write the letters of the alphabet on them with a permanent marker.

Help Corduroy find the button for his green overalls by matching each letter.

Corduroy Letter Sorting

Print 2 or 3 pictures of Corduroy and several copies of the buttons that go with the letters on his overalls.

Challenge your child to sort the buttons.

Download the Corduroy Alphabet Activity

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  1. How do I find all the printable corduroy activities? It looks like only a few are available not the whole activity. I’d love a link if possible!


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