Corduroy Button Matching Activity (free printable)

This Corduroy Button Matching activity is perfect for your preschoolers after they read the book, Corduroy by Don Freeman. Help Corduroy find his missing button by matching the colors.

Targeted Skills:

  • color identification
  • matching
  • visual discrimination

Ways to Use this FREE Printable:

  • Challenge your child to match the button halves.
  • Put magnets on the back of the pieces and match them on a vertical surface such as the refrigerator or magnetic easel. Working on a vertical surface is SO beneficial for preschoolers!
  • Put magnets on the back put them on a magnetic cookie sheet to match while traveling in the car.
  • Strengthen scissor skills and have your preschooler cut the buttons in half on the line.

Download the Corduroy Button Matching Activity

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