Construction Play Dough Mats (free printable)

Sensory play with playdough is such a great way to increase hand strength and fine motor muscles in young children. It is so much fun and one of my favorite things about playdough is that there is no wrong way to do it. These construction playdough mats are a fun way to get your construction loving students or kids excited about playdough. 

Introducing Play Dough

There are many different playdough activities, but young kids should be able to play with it in an open ended way first. Cover a table and provide cookie cutters in basic shapes, a muffin tin, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and plastic animals. Just use what you have on hand or check out this best play doh tools list. 

Pulling the play dough apart and smashing it back together is the first thing you will most likely see kids do with the playdough and it is a great starting point. Then, making play dough balls will come next. Finally, rolling those balls into “snakes” or “ropes” between their palms is a skill that they will learn. All of these different ways to use the play dough are the perfect way to strengthen fine motor skills. 

Free Construction Play Dough Mats

Free playdough mats are a great tool for adding another element to a play dough center. I would introduce two or three at a time and let the children explore them in any way they want. Maybe they will ask for guidance in how to make a shape or design with the play dough to go with the mats. Different themed play dough mats interest different kids so you can try a variety of different types. 

With these free printable playdough mats, children will have a great time making different construction vehicles and things to go with them. For example, they can make a bulldozer by making different ropes to form it with on the mat. Then, they can roll dough to make rocks or bricks that the bulldozer is moving. 

Print the play dough mats onto card stock. Then, laminate them. This makes it easier to clean up. If you don’t have access to a laminator (this is my favorite laminator), cover them with clear contact paper or a sheet protector. This set includes 10 construction playdough mats in color and in black and white. 

Download the FREE Construction Playdough Mats

Looking for more? Here’s a collection of different printable playdough mats that come in different themes or practice counting with these awesome playdough number mats. Play dough is a great activity that makes learning fun. Strengthen fine motor skills with this DIY bubble wand for kids to make.

Construction Activities for Kids

Are you looking for more fun activities with a construction theme?

Construction Sensory Bins

How about a construction sensory bin? These are our favorite construction sensory bins.

This Oobleck Construction Site lends itself to slimy fun! Throw in rocks and construction vehicles you already have. Then the vehicles will need to go through a carwash to get cleaned up afterwards right? A bucket of soapy water and a hose to rinse them will do the trick.

A Construction Zone Sensory Bin is easy to put together with small pebbles. Doesn’t it look so inviting?

This Truck Construction Bin is so cool and I love the ramp they added with cardboard. This adds a fun twist to sensory play.

How about a Shaving Cream Construction sensory bin! Sometimes construction vehicles need to do messy work and this is one of those times. I love this idea and plus the shaving cream cleans and it smells good.

Construction Math Activities

Learn and practice different math skills with these fun construction math activities.

Get out your match box cars and try this Car Parking Lot Grid Activity. I love that this is something you can make with things you already have on hand.

Free printable construction number puzzles work on number recognition and sequencing to build a construction vehicle.

Make your own Monster Truck board game. This is so fun and I love how large the game board can be when you make it yourself.

This Playdough Smash game is a fun way to use tools and practice counting!

Construction Alphabet Activities

Practice letter recognition, matching, or letter sounds with these construction themed alphabet activities.

Try this alphabet knock down game by putting letter stickers on blocks. There are so many possibilities in this game. Name the letters that you knocked over. Have the bulldozer carry over the letters of your name. Or quick, find the letter H to add to the tall tower.

Construction letter tracing cards can also turn into a matching or memory game. Practice matching capital and lowercase letters.

This alphabet Pipes game is so fun! Match the letters to fix the pipes. Every construction enthusiast will love this activity.

Try making road pieces for this DIY Alphabet road construction kit. Build letters and then drive your cars and trucks along each letter.

There is so much fun and learning that can happen with these construction activities. From playdough mats and counting games to puzzles and alphabet play, these activities are sure to be a hit!

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