Preschool Bird Games and Activities

Are you looking for bird activities to add to your preschool lesson plans? You have come to the right place. Whether you have a preschool bird theme or it’s that time of year where your students start noticing bird nests and baby birds, these bird games for preschoolers and crafts are for you.

Bird Puzzle

This printable bird puzzle is a great way to strengthen visual discrimination skills and problem solving skills. Young children love the challenge of a puzzle. There are a few ways you can set this up depending on the age of your students.

Print the puzzle onto card stock and laminate it for durability. Then, add magnets to the back of the pieces and put the puzzle on a vertical, magnetic surface such as an ease or fridge. It can also be set up on a magnetic cookie sheet.

Another idea is to print two copies of the bird puzzle. Cut apart the pieces of one copy and keep the other copy as the puzzle template. Children will match the pieces onto the puzzle page. They can glue them on or just set them on so the puzzle can be done over and over again.

The third way to set this up is to cut out the puzzle pieces and then have a blank 3 x 3 square with lines for the child to set the pieces in. This gives them the guidelines for how to arrange the pieces, but doesn’t give them the clue of the picture so it is a little bit more challenging.

Download and Print the FREE Bird Puzzle

Bird Color Matching

Match the different birds their same colored house. This is a fun way to practice color recognition. You can also turn these cards into a fun Memory game. If you can see the birds and houses through the back of the cards, glue them onto a piece of colored card stock and then cut them out again.

Download and Print the FREE Bird Color Matching Activity

Bird Games

These two bird dice games will be a hit with your preschoolers and are a great way to practice counting!

Which of these little birds will win the race? Laminate the page and use a dry erase marker to play this bird race dice game over and over again. Roll the die. Color in one square (or put an X or a dot) next to the number you rolled. Keep rolling and filling in squares until one bird has all of its squares filled in. The first bird to have the whole row filled in is the winner, the fastest bird in the race.

Download and Print the FREE Bird Race Dice Game

This bird board game is a fun way to practice counting. Help the hummingbird get to the flower. Use two blocks or buttons as game pieces. Roll the die and move along the path. Take turns rolling and moving the game pieces. The first person to reach the flower is the winner.

Download and Print the FREE Bird Board Game for Preschoolers

Bird Scissor Practice

One way to strengthen fine motor skills and scissor skills is with these feather cutting pages. Print the page onto card stock. This makes it easier for young learners to hold and to cut with scissors. Cut in between the feathers. You can cut the feather shape out or just cut a straight line between the feathers. Then, challenge your students to snip along the dotted lines on the feather.

What can you do with the feathers after they have cut them? Most children will want to take them home. I often say they can take their favorite one home. To encourage more cutting, we make a collage of feathers on cardboard or make hats by attaching the feathers they have cut to a long strip of construction paper that fits around their head like a crown. Both are great ideas for encouraging more cutting practice.

Download and Print the FREE Bird Feather Scissor Practice

Bird Nest Counting

Print this bird nest counting activity. Count the corresponding number of eggs onto each numbered bird nest.

Make Your Own Bird Feeders

Hands-on activities such as making your own homemade bird feeders are a great way to get kids involved in learning more about birds. I wonder if different types of birds prefer different types of bird feeders?

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Try a toilet paper roll bird feeder like they did at Resourceful Mama. I love this one because you can just put the tube right on a small branch or hang it with a pipe cleaner.

Take an empty toilet paper roll and spread peanut butter on it. Then, roll it in bird seed or press the bird seed onto the peanut butter with your hands.

Mason Jar Lid Bird Feeder

Use a mason jar lid to make this awesome bird feeder from The Activity Mom. This version uses a few different ingredients and needs to sit overnight before hanging outside.

Bird Feeder Ornaments

Natural Beach Living uses pipe cleaners and cereal (like Cheerios) to make bird feeder ornaments. I like that these don’t involve peanut butter and involve the fine motor skill of threading the cereal onto the pipe cleaner.

Framed Bird Feeder

I love this framed bird feeder from Buggy and Buddy. Because it is like a tray you can use this idea to put out different types of bird food. You can get a wooden frame from the dollar store to get started.

Bird Crafts

I love these baby birds from Glued to My Crafts. They are the perfect craft for preschoolers because they involve drawing tons of lines. They used chalk on black paper which looks awesome when it’s finished.

My Bored Toddler shares this paper plate bird craft. This craft is perfect for preschoolers because they can make their bird any color they want. Put out construction paper strips, feathers, string, craft foam, and more to add details to the birds.

Woo Jr. shows you how to make these adorable birds’ nests. This nest craft uses paper bags and pom poms to make the feathered friends.

Make bird puppets like they did at The Craft Train. Craft sticks, paint, and tissue paper, and googly eyes are all you need to get started.

Bird Sensory Play

Use natural materials to build a bird’s nest like they did at Pocket of Preschool. Collect leaves, grass, and rocks and see what your students can create. Offer a bit of play dough to help stick things together.

Modern Preschool made a baby bird sensory bin using shredded paper and pipe cleaner worms.Use the clothes pin to collect worms to feed the birds.

This n That with Olivia made a sensory bin using bird seed, rocks, and fake birds. I love the natural look of this and the bird seed looks so fun to scoop and pour.

What about building a human sized bird’s nest like they did at Empowered Provider? This would inspire hours of pretend play!

Learn interesting facts about birds from Fun Facts 4 Kids!

Read these hummingbird facts for kids.

Are your kids interested in birds of prey? There is something fascinating about birds of prey for young children! Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids has a printable unit and resources to get you started.

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