Bee Counting Board Game for Preschoolers

Your preschooler or toddler will love this Bee Counting Game! Draw a card, count the bees, and move that many spaces on the game board. 

Bee Counting Game

Targeted Skills:

  • One-to-One Correspondence
  • Counting 1-10
  • Taking Turns

Are bees frightening for your child?

I’ve found that reading about bees to learn more about them is helpful. Children will benefit from know more about bees, what they do, and why they are important.┬áMake this bumble bee craft and label the parts of a bee.

The book Give Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton is one of my favorites for educating myself and then being able to help children understand their important job and that they don’t actually want to sting us. 

Bee Counting Game

Your child will want to play this game over and over again! The best part about that is that the game is a quick one. Your child will have fun playing and practice counting all at the same time. 

How to Play the Bee Counting Game:

  1. Download (below) and print the board game and cards.
  2. Cut out the cards, mix them up, and put them into a pile. It can be a messy pile too. 
  3. Decide who will go first.
  4. Player 1 picks a card, counts the bees, and moves their game piece that many spaces.
  5. The next player takes a turn. 
  6. Play continues until one player has gotten to the beehive. 

Download the Bee Counting Board Game


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