Animal Shadow Matching (free printable)

This shadow matching game is a great way to strengthen visual discrimination skills. It includes a variety of animals to strengthen vocabulary too. Just print and play.

This game includes adorable pictures of animals from the ocean, the farm, and even woodland animals. Children love animals and are naturally drawn to this activity.

How to Play

  1. Match the different animals to the correct shadow.
  2. If you are playing in a small group setting, talk about the animals as they are matched. What do you notice about them? What are they called?

Targeted Skills

  • visual discrimination practice
  • matching
  • vocabulary

Other Ideas

Which animals are farm animals? Where are the ocean animals? Do you see a zoo animal?

Sort the animals by the number of legs that they have.

Turn it into a cut and paste activity by challenging the children to cut out the animal and glue it onto the matching animal shadow.

Print two sets of each animal and use them to play a game of Memory.

Sort the animals by color.

Download the Animal Shadow Matching

The pdf files include 8 pages, 4 sets of the puzzle game. It will challenge young minds in a fun way. Children really have to look closely at the different shapes and details of each animal to find its match.

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