Transportation Sorting Activity for Preschoolers (printable)

Sorting is an important math skill for little learners! This transportation sorting activity is a fun way to strengthen language skills and practice sorting at the same time.

The transportation vehicles in this activity include a bicycle, bus, motorcycle, car, truck, train, fire truck, and ambulance. It also includes sailboat, boat, canoe, raft, jet ski, and submarine. Things that travel in the air include hot air balloon, helicopter, airplane, space shuttle, and jet.

Targeted Skills:

  • classifying
  • language development
  • critical thinking
  • organizational skills


  • Vehicle Sorting Mats
  • Transportation Cards


Print the sorting mats and picture cards.

The vehicle cards show different types of transportation (land, air, and water transportation).

Challenge your child to name the different vehicles and decide if they go on land, in the air, or on water. This is a great way to strengthen language skills.

Use these free printables in a wide variety of ways:

Print two sets of cards and turn it into a fun memory game or matching activity.

Sort the cards by initial letter sound. (B, M, C, T, F, A, R, J, H, S) This is a great activity for listening for letter sounds. Start with just two or three letter sounds at a time to sort. That way it won’t be too overwhelming.

Use toy vehicles you have on hand and sort those onto the sorting mats.

This sorting activity is a great addition to a fun transportation unit or a great opportunity for independent work. Early learners, especially those that love all types of planes, trains, and automobiles, will love this fun activity and will enjoy doing it over and over again.

Download the Transportation Sorting Activity

Whether your little learner is super interested in construction vehicles or water vehicles, this sorting activity is sure to be a hit!

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