Star Wars Preschool Games and Activities (free printable)

Does your family enjoy the Star Wars movies? And now you’ve created young Star Wars fans? Why not use these Star Wars printables to make learning fun for your little Jedi. From Star Wars preschool games to crafts with Star Wars themes and coloring pages too, you are sure to find fun ideas that your young children will love.

These fun Star Wars games and fun activities include your favorite characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia. See what’s inside this printable pack.

Star Wars Games

Help Yoda in this fun board game for younger kids. Roll one die and move your game piece to help bring Yoda to his lightsaber. This is a great way to practice counting and one to one correspondence. For game pieces you can use blocks, erasers, gems, or pieces from another game. Clipart from Cute Graphic Supply.

Grab dice and game pieces for some Star Wars fun. Roll one die and cover the number you rolled. If the number you rolled is already covered, then roll again. When all of the numbers are covered, you win! Use candy, cereal, gems, mini erasers, or blocks as game pieces to cover the numbers.

You can find this Star Wars roll and cover dice game at The Activity Mom. Roll and cover working left to right and top to bottom. A dice game like this that uses a ten frame is wonderful for developing number sense and concept of 10.

Star Wars Activities

Here are a few of our favorite printable activities with a Star Wars theme.

Work on letter recognition with these lightsaber alphabet pages. Trace the lightsabers to form the letter. Then, write the letter next to it. The letters included use straight lines only. Encourage your child or student to start at the top to form each letter. The worksheets include the letters A, E, F, H, I, K, L, M, N, T, V, W, X, Y, Z.

The Star Wars scissor practice page can be used in two different ways. Use it to trace along the lines with a pencil or to cut along the lines with scissors. This strengthens fine motor skills.

Star Wars number cards include numerals 1 to 10. There are so many ways to use these cards.

  • Put the cards in number order.
  • Create Star Wars Math by making different addition and subtraction equations to solve.
  • Use them as counting cards by counting the matching number of blocks below each card.

Chronicle Books has these printable Star Wars Finger Puppets. They are great for imaginative play. Print the page, cut them out, and have fun.

Rock Your Homeschool has these free Star Wars coloring pages. Kids of all ages will have fun coloring their favorite Star Wars characters. After you are done coloring the small characters, cut them out and glue each one to a craft stick. Now you have Star Wars puppets to retell the story or make up your own. With the larger pages, print them all and make a coloring book.

Star Wars Journal from Natural Beach Living. What a fun way to strengthen literacy skills while writing in your Star Wars themed journal.

You can write your own version of a Star Wars story. Write about the character that’s on the page and what your thoughts are about him or her. You can also just write about your day or use it as a gratitude journal and write a few things you are thankful for. I also love the idea of this paper as a grocery list for your super Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Crafts

Here are a few super fun Star Wars crafts for kids.

Star Wars Tin Can Lanterns from Frugal Fun for Boys. I think these are super fun to have on the porch at night or for a party. Making these gives your children or students a chance to use a hammer. Even preschoolers can use a hammer with your guidance.

I love these Lightsaber Sensory Bottles from Little Bins for Little Hands. These are cool and calming to watch and easy to make. Wouldn’t these make a cool party favor at a Star Wars party?

Make light up lightsaber cards like they did at Left Brain Craft Brain. These are so cool and can be used for so many holidays. Birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, Star Wars parties, and even on May 4th.

Here’s a fun craft that can also be a gift. Make your own lightsaber pens like they did at Kids Activities Blog. These would be cool on valentines or as a back to school gift.

Fun-a-Day made some really cool molten lava slime in a few easy steps. Great for sensory play. Just add characters and enjoy. This is a great craft for your sensory seekers. Don’t love the idea of the mess in your house? Keep it outside to play with.

Rock Your Homeschool features some really cool Star Wars puppets made from toilet paper rolls. We always have a ton of these on hand so I can’t wait to make the whole collection.

Download the Star Wars Preschool Games and Learning Pack

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