St. Patrick’s Day Cutting Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for a fun way for your little learners to strengthen their fine motor skills and scissor skills? Here are a few free printable activities that will have your young children practicing with scissors all month long. You can download all three free printables at the bottom of the post.

These little leprechaun beard-trimming pages are a great way to get extra practice with cutting lines. They also make for giggles and fun because it is a silly activity.

Print the leprechaun that you want onto a piece of card stock. Each one has a different expression showing a different emotion which is an easy way to start a conversation about feelings and develop vocabulary.

Next choose from the different patterns of lines on the printable pages for a beard and print that onto card stock. Glue the leprechaun to the beard page. Challenge your preschooler to cut along the dotted line to trim its beard. This is also an excellent way for kindergarten age students to strengthen their cutting skills. Download this activity at the bottom of the post.

Tips for Beginners

For beginners, attach a piece of paper to the leprechaun and cut straight lines up the beard for your child. Then encourage them to make small snips on the strips to cut his beard shorter. This will be an easier cutting activity for beginners because they won’t need to worry about cutting on the line and can focus more on using the scissors.

Another idea is to print the leprechaun onto green construction paper and then glue him onto a paper plate. Use the paper plates that have lines around the outside like little ridges. Challenge your child to use their scissors to cut along those lines to make a St. Patrick’s Day decoration. This is a great idea for beginners because those small lines are the perfect length for one snip of the scissors and the heaviness of the paper plate is easier to cut than a piece of paper.

There are so many different styles of beards to choose from. Young children will love doing this over and over again which will give them the opportunity for a lot of practice.

More Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Here are more fun ideas and fine motor activities for your St. Patrick’s Day theme.

This St. Patrick’s Day Cut and Sort Activity is a fun game that includes a variety of shapes. Print the gold coins onto card stock. Cut the solid line to create strips for your preschooler. Challenge your child to cut in between each gold coin. Then encourage them to sort the coins to the pot of gold with the matching shape. Download this activity at the bottom of the post.

Here’s another great idea for cutting practice. Cut along the solid lines to cut the pictures apart. Have your child cut on the dotted lines to cut the pieces in half. Mix up the pieces and it turns into a matching game. Match the halves to complete the pictures.

Download the Leprechaun Beard Cutting Activity

Download the St. Patrick’s Day Cut and Match Activity

Is Your Child Having Trouble with Scissors?

If a child is having trouble with scissors, sometimes it is best to take a break from them and build hand and finger muscles by doing different activities.

The following activities are a great way to build hand and finger strength which makes using scissors (and crayons) easier.

  • clipping clothes pins
  • working with play dough
  • using spray bottles
  • paper punchers
  • crumpling and ripping paper
  • squeezing a glue bottle (squeeze the bottle to do a shamrock salt painting)

More Preschool St. Patrick’s Day Activities

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