Rocket Preschool Printable Activities (free)

I’m so proud of my newest book, Only Room for Two! It is an adventurous story of friendship where the children learn the value of teamwork and including others. In this book, Blake and Natalie are on an adventure to the moon. Their excitement for space inspired me to put together this collection of rocket themed preschool printables to go with it.

These rocket themed activities are a great way for young learners to practice different skills in a fun way. Do you have a space preschool theme or are your little ones interested in outer space? These free printables are the perfect way to make learning fun. Want to make it 3D? Try making a rocket using cardboard and paper mache. Use this step by step paper mache tutorial to help you get started.

Color Matching

Younger preschoolers will love this simple activity. Match the different colored astronauts to the same colored planet. Older preschoolers will enjoy using these cards to play fun game of Memory.

Another idea is to print multiple copies of the cards onto card stock, cut them apart, and then sort the different colors into piles. Sorting is such an important skill. The planets in the solar system aren’t these colors (obviously), but maybe this activity will spark an interest in different planets that you can read and learn about.

Download the Astronaut Color Matching Activity

Alphabet Matching

Practice letter recognition with this rocket alphabet matching activity. Print the cards, cut them apart, and then cut along the dotted line. Mix them up and match the capital letter to the lowercase letter. It may be best to start with small groups of rocket cards so that your child or student isn’t overwhelmed. Another ideas is to arrange the capital letters in alphabetical order (while singing the alphabet song if you want). Then, find the lowercase letters to complete each rocket.

Download the Rocket Alphabet Matching Activity

Clipart by Lilli Clipart

Rocket Math Activities

Your little astronauts will love this rocket dice game. First, cut apart the rocket on the lines. This is a great way for your child to work on scissor skills. Print the rocket onto card stock so it will be easier for them to cut apart. Once the pieces are cut apart, mix them up. Roll the die and find that numbered piece. Keep rolling. When you have collected all of the pieces, put them in order to form your rocket.

Download the Rocket Dice Game

Help the rocket get to the moon. Print this board game and use one die. Use buttons, blocks, or gems as game pieces. Roll the die and move your game piece that number of spaces. The first player that gets to the moon wins.

Download the Rocket Board Game

This Rocket roll and cover game is a fun way to practice number recognition. Roll the die and cover the number you rolled. If you roll a number you have already rolled, roll again. When all of the numbers are covered, you win!

Download the Rocket Roll and Cover Game

Writing Strips

Work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with these rocket writing strips. Help the astronaut get to his rocket. Help the rocket get to the moon. I like to laminate these and use a dry erase maker to trace the lines. That way they can be used over and over again.

Download the Rocket Writing Strips

Rocket Activities

Make your own rockets from soda bottles, craft foam, and construction paper like they did at A Little Pinch of Perfect. Kids of all ages will have so much fun pretending and flying their rockets around. This is an easy craft and each rocket can be unique.

Make a paper roll rocket craft like they did at Look We’re Learning. This rocket ship craft uses simple materials.

Try a toilet paper tube rocket with a free printable template from Mom Brite. This preschool rocket craft is a fun way to talk about 3D shapes. The rocket is a cylinder and the top of the rocket is a cone shape.

Glued to My Crafts Blog makes a rocket ship puppet using a rocket template and a craft stick.

Make straw rockets like they did at The Country Chic Cottage. This straw rocket activity is fun to experiment with!

Artsy Craftsy Mom has a tutorial on how to make a paper rocket. All you need is paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

Sensory play is so fun and this space themed sensory bin from Play and Learn Everyday is easy to set up with a base of black beans.

Early learning Ideas shows you how to make a space play dough tray. I love this open ended activity! You can add whatever you have on hand to your tray. Pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, gems, stars, craft sticks, plastic bottle tops, etc. Let the creativity begin!

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