Printable Halloween Memory Matching Games

A fun Halloween game is always needed for classroom parties. Here are four Halloween Games that will be a hit with your little ones. Simple matching games are so beneficial in early childhood development and this Halloween theme game is so much fun for young children! 

Halloween Games

These Halloween Costume cards are a perfect way to sneak in a little Halloween learning for young kids in 4 different ways! Who’s ready for some Halloween fun?

Halloween Memory Matching Game

  1. Print 2 copies of the different cards and cut them out.
  2. Mix them up and turn them over in 3 rows of 4.
  3. Take turns flipping over 2 cards to try to find a match (like the classic game of Memory).
  4. If you find a match, go again.
  5. Continue taking turns until all of the matches are found.
  6. The player to find the most matches, wins!

What a great way to strengthen memory skills!

Printable Halloween Matching Game

This game is great for older toddlers and preschoolers. Practicing matching skills is great for strengthening visual discrimination.

  1. Print 2 copies of the picture cards and cut them out.
  2. Find the matches. 

Costume Puzzles

  1. Print 1 copy of the game cards and cut them out.
  2. Cut the cards in half, into thirds, or into fourths.
  3. Challenge your child to put the puzzles back together.

What a fun way to strengthen critical thinking skills!

Costume Letter Sounds

Ready for a fun time exploring letter sounds?

  1. Print 1 copy of the cards.
  2. Using letter magnets (p, b, l, m, c, f), find the letter that each costume starts with and put it on top of the card. pumpkin, bat, ladybug, magician, cat, fairy

From memory games and puzzles to letter sounds, these free printables are sure to be a hit!

Download and Printable Halloween Games

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