Preschool Robot Activities and Crafts

Young minds are intrigued by robots. Are you looking for preschool robot activities and crafts? Get ready for robot fun. You’ve come to the right place! Many of these activities and crafts with a robot theme are great ideas for kids of all ages.

Use a robot theme in Language Arts, Math, Science, and even to get creative. What do your students know about robots? What do they wonder?

Robot Math Activities

Kids love to play dice games and the challenge of completing puzzles. Try these printable activities to practice different basic skills.

This robot game makes learning fun! Print the robot math activity and collect small objects to cover the numbers such as buttons, gems, silver washers, or blocks. Roll the die. Cover the number that is rolled. Keep rolling until all of the numbers are covered. This dice game includes two sets of numbers so it makes for a slightly longer game. It is a great activity for practicing counting and number recognition.

Download the Robot Dice Game

Robot Puzzles are a great way to strengthen visual discrimination and critical thinking skills. Put together the different robots and complete the puzzles. You can put magnets on the back of the pieces and use these puzzles on a vertical surface that is magnetic such as an easel or refrigerator.

Download the Printable Robot Puzzles

Robot Literacy Activities

I love these Robot Alphabet Cards because each robot is holding something that starts with that letter. These cards are a fun way for young children to practice literacy skills such as letter recognition and letter sounds.

Here are some ways you can set up this robot activity:

  • Put the cards in alphabetical order while singing the alphabet song.
  • Match letter magnets to the cards.
  • Use them like flashcards.
  • Put them in a robot sensory bin.

Download the Robot Alphabet Cards

Read books about robots and look at pictures of robots. One of our favorites is Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot.

Tell a story about a robot and then encourage students to tell their own robot story.

Robot STEM Activities for Preschoolers

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Any tool you are using can be considered technology. Tinkering, building, and designing are all great STEM activities.

Make Magnetic Robots using a tin can and magnetic and metal pieces. Check out how they set it up and Kid Info. Kids can have fun learning all about magnetic force and what is magnetic or not magnetic.

Create a Cereal Box Robot like they did at Kids Activities Blog. This is so much fun. It looks like such a cool robot with the aluminum foil as its base.

Make your own robot climber like they did at Housing a Forest. Pull the strings to watch the robot climb.

Make a moving robot like they did at JDaniel4’s Mom. Theirs looks like Pete the Cat, but yours can look like anything you’d like.

Make a more advanced play dough robot from Left Brain Craft Brain.

Best Robot Crafts

It’s time to get creative! Give these awesome robot crafts a try to get creative with a robot twist.

Build a play dough robot like they did at Fun a Day. Working with play dough is the perfect way to strengthen fine motor skills. I love the way this fun activity is set up!

Make a Junk Art Robot with materials that you collect and have on hand like they did at Hodge Podge Craft. This junk robot can be made with recyclable materials such as boxes, lids, and containers. Add popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and sharpie markers for the kids to add details. Check out the versions they made at Artsy Momma.

This Crafty Family uses glue sticks and empty toilet paper rolls to make fun robots. Maybe these little robots can even be used in the building area or pretend play center. It’s so fun to see all of the creative designs.

Make a Paper Robot from I Heart Crafty Things. This is a great card craft idea for Father’s Day.

I hope you enjoy these fun activities as much as we do!

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