Preschool Number Mazes (free printable)

Are you looking for a fun way to practice number recognition? Give these free printable mazes a try. Young learners will move through the simple maze by following the correct number.

Use these for extra practice in a math center or in the car while traveling. The printable worksheets include numbers 1 through 10. Laminating them and using a dry erase marker will allow for younger children to do a new maze over and over again.

How to Play

  1. Use dot stickers (a great way for young children to build fine motor skills), a dot marker, or a crayon to connect the numbers.
  2. Start at the beginning of the number maze. Say the number you will be finding.
  3. Find the word Start and work your way through the preschool maze.
  4. After all of the numbers have been found and marked. Trace the path with your finger or have a character or match box car move along it.

Download the Free Preschool Number Mazes

If your students or children had fun with the number mazes, give these alphabet mazes from This Reading Mama a try. I love how they include different fonts.

Move your number mazes outside with sidewalk chalk like they did at Hands On as We Grow.

Preschool Math Printables

Looking for more fun ideas for your students to practice counting or number recognition with your preschoolers? Here’s our favorite free printable activities to get you started.

This collection of free number puzzles will last the whole year. Build number sense by completing the puzzles and working with ten frames and tally marks. There are puzzles for each season, holiday, and month.

Roll and Cover Dice Games Printable

Roll and cover dice games are such a hit with preschoolers. With this free collection of Roll and Cover Math games you will be set for the whole year. It includes math games for each season and holiday organized by month.

Do you have counting bears? If so, these counting bear printables will help with counting, number recognition, patterning, sorting, and more! If you don’t already have the bear manipulatives, there are printable bears to help you get started.

These easy dot to dot printables for preschoolers make counting and number recognition fun. It includes five different designs and each picture has 10 dots from 1 to 10. Then after the dots are connected use it as a coloring page.

Your preschooler will love this Bee Counting Game! Draw a card, count the bees, and move that many spaces on the game board. This is a short game that kids love playing over and over again.

Roll and ice cream cone dice game is a fun way to get extra counting practice. Use the free printable game as a 2 player game or a 4 player game.

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