Preschool Letter B Worksheets (free printable)

Here’s a set of free letter B worksheets for preschool children. These educational activities are a fun way for young children to work on the letters of the alphabet.

Last week, I shared letter worksheets that focused on the letter A. This week I wanted to add great letter B activities to the alphabet series. Do you have a letter of the week curriculum? If so, these letter B printables will be the perfect supplement.

These FREE Printable Letter B Worksheets include:

  • Color the Letter
  • Alphabet Tracing
  • Color the Letter Sound
  • Large Letters to make a lacing card or to uses with dot markers

Color the Letter Page

This free printable letter B worksheet focuses on identifying a specific upper case letter. With younger children, they are still working on visual discrimination. Letter recognition worksheets are a great way to practice this skill. This letter B fun coloring page only includes an uppercase B for that reason. Find the correct letter you are hunting for and color the picture.

Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

There are two tracing pages in this printable pack. One that includes only the uppercase B and the other includes a few lowercase letters for children that are ready or interested.

It takes a lot of fine motor skills to trace on the dotted lines. That’s why I only added 6 letters to each page of the capital letter B tracing pages.

If your child or student wants a little extra practice, I recommend tracing the letters with a highlighter first and then trace again with a pencil. That will give you double the amount of practice.

Letter Sounds Worksheets

In these free printable worksheets you are hunting for pictures that start with the corresponding letter B sound. When you find one that starts with the sound of the letter B, color it in.

With this practice sheet, you might need to sit with some children and stretch out the word with them so they can hear the beginning letter sounds. This worksheet might also be helpful for kindergarten students who need extra practice.

Large Letters with Dot Markers

You can use these free printable activities in a variety of ways to make learning fun. Refer to the list below. These educational activities will help strengthen fine motor skills. It will also help children become familiar with the formation of the letter.

Different Ways to Work with Large Letter B Worksheets:

  • Stamp them with dot markers.
  • Put small stickers on the dots.
  • Place a mini eraser or button in each circle.
  • Punch the circles with a hole puncher and turn it into a lacing card. Lace the ribbon up and down through the holes along the letter.
  • Use it as a punching card. Give your child a thumbtack (They can do it!) Start at the top of the letter like you would if you were writing it and poke the thumbtack in the middle of each circle as you form the letter.

Creative Alphabet Activities

Alphabet activities don’t have to only be on paper! Try these different activities with your students for the entire alphabet:

  • Write letters with your finger in shaving cream. It is a fun way to practice letter formation with a sensory experience.
  • Try a game of alphabet basketball (using ping pong balls). Ball games are a great idea and so much fun for active children!
  • Paper Plate Alphabet Crafts A to Z are fun crafts that are simple to make.
  • Make and Explore Alphabet Constellations
  • Alphabet Toilet Paper Tube Crafts from A to Z include letter B crafts.
  • Write the letter B on the ceiling using a flashlight or laser pen.
  • Draw the letter B with chalk on the driveway. Then, drive cars on it, hop along it, or spray water to erase it.
  • B is for Brown Bear. Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle.

15 Letter B Words

Here are 15 simple words that start with the letter B.

Play a quick game with younger children to see if they are hearing the beginning letter sound. Say, “Stand up (or give me a thumbs up) if you hear a word that starts with /b/. Sprinkle these words in with other words that do not start with B. Use this as in informal assessment to see who it is clicking for.

  • butterfly
  • bumblebee
  • box
  • bat
  • ball
  • berry
  • bee
  • balloon
  • boat
  • bed
  • banana
  • bucket
  • bird
  • bag
  • backpack

Download the Preschool Letter B Worksheets

We hope you loved the help of the Letter A worksheets! Give these Preschool Letter B worksheets a try. Coming soon I will introduce letter C worksheets!

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