Preschool Bee Printables and Resources (free)

Are you looking for preschool bee printables to include in your Spring activities? Whether you have a bee unit or are looking for a great addition to your lesson plans, these printable activities are for you.

National Honey Bee Day is the 3rd Saturday in August. World Bee Day is May 20th. Either of these dates are the perfect time to use these bee themed printables!

Young children are curious about bees and many are afraid to be stung. When they are afraid, they want to kill the bees. That is why it is crucial to talk about the importance of bees and how much depends on them such as food, flowers, and other animals.

Did you know that the bumble bee is very different from honey bees? They are the two most common types of bees, but they are very different.

According to AZ Animals, bumble bees gather pollen, but do not produce honey. They live below the ground and they actually do hibernate, Bumble bees can sting more than once.

Honey bees live in a nest above ground. Their bodies are thinner. The produce honey. Honey Bees do not hibernate and they can only sting once.

Types of Bees

  • Worker Bee (girls)
  • Queen Bee
  • Drones (boys)

Bee Activities

Your children and students will have so much fun with these bee worksheets and fun activities.

Bee Puzzle

This bee activity is a great way to strengthen number recognition and visual discrimination. Print the puzzle onto card stock. Laminate it for durability. Cut apart the pieces and mix them up. Encourage your child or students to put the numerals in order to make the bee.

You can set this up in different ways. Put magnets on the back of the pieces to use on a vertical, magnetic surface such as an easel. Apply small rectangles of felt on the back of each piece (top and bottom) and complete the puzzle on a felt board. Or glue the puzzle pieces onto a large piece of construction paper as you put them in order.

Download the Bee Puzzle

Clipart from Cotton Candy Clipart

Bee Color Matching

These free printables are a fun way to practice color recognition. Match the colored bee to the same colored flower. This is another great activity for adding it to a vertical surface such as an easel or flannel board.

Download the Bee Color Matching

Bee Tracing Strips

Help the bees get to their flower or hive in these bee tracing strips. As children trace each line, this activity strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I prefer to laminate each strip and use dry erase markers. That way lines can be erased quickly and made over and over again.

Download the Bee Tracing Strips

Bee Board Game

Help the bees get to their hive. Use small plastic bees as game pieces or you can use blocks or buttons. This bee counting board game is so much fun! It is great for strengthening one-to-one correspondence and number sense. Kindergarten students enjoy this game as well and can play it independently in pairs.

Bee Alphabet Sorting

This bee alphabet sorting activity is perfect for literacy centers. I love that the bees are all uppercase letters and there are multiple of each letter included.

B is for Bee

Letter B worksheets include letter tracing, beginning sounds, and searching for the letter B. This is a part of our free preschool letter worksheet collection.

Explore the bee life cycle with these awesome illustrations. You can get this free life cycle of a bee printable pack from Preschool Powel Packets.

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