Ant Activities and Crafts for Preschoolers

Ants are fascinating insects. Did you know that an ant can carry 50 times its own bodyweight? That’s amazing! Whether you are looking for ant themed activities to go with a book or to learn more about ants with your preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find our favorite ant printable activities and a collection of ant crafts that preschoolers will love.

Pair them with a book about ants or an ant song and you are all set. You can read Ant and the Grasshopper, Two Bad Ants, or sing “The Ants Go Marching” along with these awesome preschool activities.

Preschool Ant Activities

Ant Tracing Strips

Strengthen fine motor skills and pencil control with these ant tracing strips. Download the free printable and cut apart the strips. Laminate or use a page protector (optional) and pair it with a dry erase marker. If you are going to use paper, I’d recommend using a crayon instead of a marker to trace the lines. Crayons need more pressure to show up on the paper and this is beneficial for preschoolers instead of using markers that do not need a lot of applied pressure to show up.

Download the Ant Tracing Strips

Ant Color Matching

Match each ant to its corresponding colored food. Print the page and cut apart the pieces. Mix them up and find the matching pairs.

This educational activity can also be played as a Memory game. Turn the cards face down in rows and hunt for the pairs like you would in the traditional game of Memory.

Add a piece of felt to the back of each piece to make this a felt board matching activity. Stick magnets to the back of the pieces to use it on a vertical magnetic surface. Working on a vertical surface is so beneficial for preschoolers. It helps build shoulder and core muscles.

Download the Ant Color Matching Activity

Ant Mazes

Help the ant get to the picnic lunch in these two different free ant mazes. Trace it with your finger or use a crayon to get from one side to the other.

Download the Preschool Ant Mazes

The Ants Go Marching

The Ants Go Marching one by one. Hoorah! Hoorah! This is a fun song for young children. It practices rhyming and counting. Pair these ant cards with the song and put the cards down as you sing that amount. These are great for building number sense.

You can also use them to count and match to number magnets. Or print two sets and play Memory with them. This free Ants Go Marching set shows numbers 1-10.

Download The Ants Go Marching Cards

Ant Clipart from

Preschool Ant Crafts

Looking for another fun activity? This collection of ant crafts is a fun way to extend the free printable ant activities we have shared. 

Fingerprint Ants

These fingerprint ants are a fun way to create ants. Simply dip your pointer finger into black paint and stamp it onto construction paper. This simple craft is a great way to start talking about how ants have three body parts. It is also a great time to practice counting as you draw six ant legs on each of your own little ants.  Making these fingerprint ants on a large letter A is a great letter craft too. 

Spoon Ants

This simple ant craft uses a spoon, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. I love the size of these spoon ants and that they are sturdy enough to use in pretend play. 

Egg Carton Ants

These cute ants are made using egg cartons, black paint, and pipe cleaners. I love the 3D look of these cute ants. You could make a whole ant family of egg carton ants. Don’t feel limited to only black paint. Use all colors for a fun ant craft. 

Bottle Top Ants

Save old bottle tops to make bottle top ants. Glue them onto a paper plate or thick paper to make this easy craft. 

Ant Puppet

This simple ant puppet is easy to make and fun to play with! The ant template uses simple shapes, circles and rectangles. The wholes at the bottom make it super easy for little hands to control the puppet. 

Walking Ants

This ant paper craft is simple to make. Kids will love how 3D and moveable these walking ants are. 

Ant Farm

Make an ant farm by gluing black beans in a line. Make a spiral on a sturdy paper plate or a line across cardboard. This is a great craft to strengthen fine motor skills and the pincer grasp as the beans are picked up. 

Ant Life Cycle

Use recycled materials and one of the ant crafts above to make an ant life cycle. I love the way they wrapped yarn and glued pom poms, both are great for strengthening wrist rotation and the pincer grasp. 

So which one of these adorable ant crafts are you going to try first?

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