Little Red Hen Printables (free)

Your young learners will love these little red hen printables and activities. Read a version of The Little Red Hen (or favorite is by Paul Galdone) and give some of these Little Red Hen activities a try.

Story of The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen finds some seeds and asks her friends (other farm animals) to help her plant them. They all say, “not I” and go about their day. Then, the seeds grow into wheat and she asks for help to pick them. They all say, “not I” and go about their day. Next, she asks for help grinding the wheat into flour to make bread dough. Again they all say “not I”. Finally, she asks for help making the bread and ends up making it herself. When the friends smell the delicious bread they go and ask for a piece. The Little Red Hen explains that she did all the work herself and that she will eat the bread herself.

I love sharing the classic story of the Little Red Hen with young children. This classic fairy tale shares a lesson of hard work and depending on the versions of the book you read it can also show an example of forgiveness at the end.

Little Red Hen Math Activities

These math activities strengthen counting, number sense, and spatial awareness. These Little Red Hen Worksheets are also great for kindergarten students who need extra practice.

This dice game with a Little Red Hen theme is great for counting practice and number recognition. Roll the die, count the dots, and find that number on the game board. If the number you rolled is already covered, roll again. When all the numbers are covered, you win! Use buttons, gems, or blocks to cover the numbers.

Download the Little Red Hen Dice Game

This Little Red Hen roll and cover game is formatted in a ten frame which is extremely helpful for number sense. Being able to visualize an amount on a ten frame leads to stronger mathematical thinking skills and applies itself to addition and subtraction.

Children will roll the die and cover that amount of squares. Encourage the students to cover the squares top to bottom and left to right. When the game board is full, you win!

The pictures in this game also symbolize the retelling of the story. So as they are covering the squares they are seeing the story play out and can retell it to themselves.

Download the Little Red Hen Roll and Cover Game

Help the Little Red Hen count the wheat. Cut the counting cards apart. Mix them up and challenge your preschooler to match up the number of wheat to the correct number on the Little Red Hen.

Download the Little Red Hen Counting Cards

The Little Red Hen puzzles include 8 puzzles of different characters and important images from the story. Simply print the puzzles, laminate for durability, and cut them apart.

Put magnets or velcro on the back and challenge students to put them together on a vertical surface such as an easel or wall. Working on a vertical surface is so beneficial for preschool children because it strengthens shoulder muscles and wrist rotation.

Download the Little Red Hen Puzzles

Hands-On Little Red Hen Activities


Explore the process of planting seeds. Observe how they grow. Do different seeds grow faster than others?

Make Bread

Make your own delicious bread together. Or taste test different types of bread together such as white, wheat, and rye.

Grind Wheat

Grind wheat or other items that represent wheat in a molcajete. We have used the molcajete to grind chalk, herbs, and other items.

Little Red Hen Literacy Activities

Use these free printables to develop different literacy skills with small groups or in literacy centers.

Pre-K Pages offers worksheets that include picture cards to tell your own Little Red Hen Story in a retell center, rhyming, syllables, and beginning sounds activities.

The Barefoot Teacher has a free Little Red Hen Emergent Reader that you can print. Use this early reader to practice different sight words or word families.

Scholastic has Little Red Hen Puppets of different characters that you can glue onto a popsicle stick and use to retell the story.

The Little Red Hen Cut and Paste activity is perfect for retelling the story and working on fine motor and scissor skills.

Little Red Hen Crafts

3 Dinosaurs tried a wheat stalk fork painting on construction paper. Use a line and fork marks to make a stalk of wheat. It’s awesome!

Keeping Life Creative made a little red hen using glue sticks and feathers. So adorable and I love the texture and how they all look different!

Make a Paper Plate Hen from Glued to My Crafts Blog!

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