Free Cheetah Printables for Kids

A cheetah is known as the fastest land animal with black spots, long legs, and a long tail. Kids love thinking about the high speeds cheetahs can run, as fast as a car on the highway!

This wild cat is a beautiful creature that is a lot of fun to learn about. Add these free printable pages to your cheetah theme lessons. From a cheetah coloring page and dice game to a puzzle to put together, young children will love using these printables to learn about the cheetah.

Cheetah Coloring Page

Interesting Fact: We know cheetahs run at incredible speeds, but did you know that cheetahs have amazing eyesight? They can see up to 3 miles away which comes in handy when they hunt their prey.

Cheetah Dice Game

This cheetah dice game is simple to play and so much fun. Roll a die. Cover the number you rolled. If that number is covered, roll again. Keep rolling and covering. When all of the numbers are covered, you win!

Cheetah Puzzle

  1. Print the cheetah puzzle.
  2. Color the cheetah.
  3. Cut the puzzle pieces apart on the lines.
  4. Mix them up and challenge your child to complete the puzzle by putting the numbers in order from 1 to 10.

Download and Print the Cheetah Printables

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