Encanto Alphabet Matching (free printable)

Are all of your family members singing about Bruno? What about the other catchy Encanto songs? Our whole family is! Encanto is a favorite movie of young children everywhere! Why not sneak in a little alphabet practice after watching Disney’s Encanto?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, here’s a quick recap of one of the best Disney movies, Encanto. This movie is a tale of an extraordinary family. The Madrigal family lives in a magical house and each of the family members have their own superpowers sparked by a magical candle. They live in a small town in the mountains of Colombia. One day, the little girl Mirabel, discovers she is the only one in her family without a special power. She is on a mission to save the miracle of her family’s magic.


  1. Print the alphabet cards onto card stock. 
  2. Cut apart each Encanto character. 
  3. There is a grey dotted line to cut along in the middle of each letter card. Challenge your child to cut along that line for extra scissors practice. 
  4. Once the cards are cut in half, mix them up and match the capital letter to the lowercase letter to put your favorite characters back together.

Other Ideas

Put the uppercase letters in alphabetical order and then match the lowercase letters to them. 

Sort the cards by character and then match the capital letters and lowercase letters of the same character. 

If your child is just beginning to work with lowercase letters, start with just a few cards. I usually choose four cards where the lowercase letters look similar to the capital letters and one card that looks different. This is a good way to build their confidence and start slowly.

Download the Encanto Alphabet Matching Activity

Make this Encanto paper bag puppet of Mirabel from The Activity Mom.

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