Dinosaur Shadow Matching Puzzle

This Dinosaur Shadow Matching Puzzle is a fun challenge for your preschooler or toddler that loves dinosaurs. Simply download, print, cut, and match. 

There’s something about dinosaurs that intrigue children and make them want to learn more about them, pretend to be one, and collect them. 

Dinosaur Shadow Matching Puzzle

Maybe this puzzle will open up a conversation with you and your child about different dinosaurs, what they eat, and how they are all different. Or maybe it will be just a great visual discrimination activity to challenge your child with or to keep them busy while you cook dinner.

  • I wonder why this one has spikes. 
  • I wonder what he uses his long tail for.  
  • Wow! How many dinosaurs could fly?
  • What does he use his long neck for? 
  • Which dinosaurs eat meat?
  • Let’s find out which dinosaurs are plant eaters.
  • What type of teeth do meat eaters need?
  • What type teeth do plant eaters have?
Dinosaur Shadow Matching Puzzle

Download the Dinosaur Shadow Matching Activity

Ways to Use the Dinosaur Shadow Matching Puzzle

Add magnets to these pieces to complete the puzzle on a vertical surface such as a refrigerator or a white board.

Turn them into a challenging Memory game!

These pieces can also be used as a busy bag activity. 

Another Great Dinosaur Idea

Take plastic dinosaurs and add them to a bin of rice, beans, or water to make a Dinosaur Sensory Tub. Freeze them into Ice Treasures (a large block of ice) and experiment with how to get them out. 

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