Dinosaur Dot to Dots (free printable)

These dinosaur dot to dots and coloring pages are great for kids ages 4-7. The fun dot to dot printables feature different dinosaurs and go from 1-20. They are a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with a dinosaur theme. Your dinosaur lover will love these fun dot to dot worksheets.

These fun dinosaur dot to dot pages are great for young children as they trace each capital letter and connect the numbers to form the dinosaur. Then your dinosaur lovers can color each dinosaur. The best way to use these worksheets is one at a time instead of the whole packet like a coloring book. It will be less overwhelming that way and your child can take their time working on one instead of hurrying through to finish all of the dinosaurs.

Your child may need help identifying and putting in order those tricky teen numbers. If that’s the case, just keep helping them for as long as its needed. Eventually with seeing the number and hearing it, they will make the connection and see the pattern or memorize it.

Download the Dinosaur Dot to Dot Pages

If you love dinosaur themed printable worksheets, you will want to check out our other themed dinosaur activities! Pair them with a fun paper plate dinosaur craft.

Dinosaur Shadow Matching

This printable matching activity is great for visual discrimination and matching skills. You can use it to play Memory or put magnets on the back for a matching activity to do on the refrigerator. Working on a vertical surface is so beneficial for preschoolers because it strengthens their shoulder and arm muscles as well as developing their wrist rotation, all of which will be needed for writing with a pencil.

Dinosaur Color Matching

How about color matching with dinosaur tracks? Hide the feet around the room and challenge your child to find them. Then, hand them the circles and match each color. You can change this printable to practice matching letters, numbers or words by writing them on the circles and on the dinosaur print.

Free Printable Dinosaur Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Your child is not too young to learn how to play Sudoku! In this beginner version of Sudoku, you need one of each dinosaur in every row and column. For the first one or two you will need to do it with them and think aloud so they understand what to look for to solve the puzzle. For example, “Let’s look to see where this red dinosaur should go. Can it go in this spot? No, there’s already one in this row. What about this spot? No there’s already one in this column. Oh here we go, this row needs one.” Then, they will be able to solve them on their own.

Printable Dinosaur Counting Puzzles

Count the dinosaurs and find the matching number to complete each puzzle. Preschoolers aren’t expected to be able to identify the number word. It is just on the puzzle to expose them to it.

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