Counting Bears Printable Math Activities

The rainbow bears math manipulatives (affiliate link) are a common addition to a preschool classroom. They can be used for counting, sorting, patterning, matching, and pretend play.

Even if you don’t have a set of bears, these free printables come with printable little bears to use. So these learning resources can be used with or without the rainbow bear counters.

Each math activity can be used in Math centers or with small groups. All of these math games include a black and white version.

Find them at the bottom of this post. Print them onto card stock and laminate (optional).

Targeted Skills

  • fine motor skills
  • number sense
  • color recognition
  • counting
  • matching
  • concept of patterns

Print the Counting Bear Pattern Strips. Cut them apart horizontally. Say each pattern aloud together (For example, blue, red, blue, red, blue, ?). Then, ask your child what comes next? Put that color bear manipulative at the end of the strip to complete the pattern.

Here’s a fun counting activity to try with a small group of preschool students. Print the cards and cut them apart. There are 3 pages of different cards (12 cards total) Give each student a card. Have them read their card and gather the bears that are listed. For an extra challenge, ask “How many do you have all together?”.

For an extra challenge, print out the bear cards with 3 sets for counting. There are 3 pages of different counting bear cards (12 cards total).

One of the math activities included in this pack of printable activities is Bear Counter Pattern Strips. Print the bear pattern cards and say each pattern aloud as you discover what comes next. The printable bear math patterns focus on the color of each bear’s bow color.

Sorting bears with different colors (primary colors) onto this sorting mat is great for independent practice. Use with bear manipulatives or with the printable bear cards that come with the bears worksheets. The perfect way for little learners to practice color identification.

After sorting, count how many bears you have in each color. Which color has the most? Which color has the least. This is the perfect time for that vocabulary.

Sort the teddy bears by size. Glue them onto the correct jar (optional). Which jar has more? Which jar has the least?

More Bear Worksheets

Count, color, and graph the cute bears. These math challenges are also great additions to the classroom for kindergarten students as well. Count the correct number of bears and color in the graph.

One of the bear printables is to find the differences in these bears. It is so much fun and great for visual discrimination.

After your child finds the differences, use this worksheet as cutting practice. Cut out the strips of bears for your child and have them cut between each bear. Tip: It is easiest for young children to start cutting card stock first before paper. So, if you know you are going to use this page for cutting, print it onto card stock.

For scissor practice, try the teddy bear cut and paste. Young learners will cut the buttons from the strip (You may want to cut the strip out for each child and then challenge them to cut between each button.) and paste the correct number on each bear. You can also use real buttons for this activity.

Try this Teddy Bear Dot to Dot. My favorite thing about this dot to dot is that it only goes up to the number 10 which is perfect for preschool aged children. If you are looking for more simple dot to dots, check out our Easy Dot to Dot Printables.

Teddy Bear Color by Number is a simple worksheet that can be done independently.

The printable counting bear activities are a great addition to early childhood classrooms. Children will have fun learning with these different activities. They go great with a teddy bear theme or the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle (affiliate link).

Download the FREE Counting Bears Printable Pack

More Counting Bears Activities

Counting Bear Addition Cards from Liz’s Early Learning Spot

Counting Bears Sorting by Size from Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

Playdough to Plato offers free counting bear clip cards. Use these counting cards with clothes pins. Count the bears and clip the clothes pins on the correct answers.

Brown Bear Counting Sets from Melissa Williams – Match the set of number cards to the counting cards.

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