Christmas Stocking Alphabet Matching

Looking for a Christmas alphabet activity to make learning fun this holiday season? This stocking alphabet matching activity is a great way to practice uppercase letter recognition and alphabetical order.

Decorate the tree, make a reindeer craft, look at Christmas lights, make magic reindeer food, and work on this alphabet activity that makes learning fun.

Use this free printable in literacy centers or it’s a great idea to use as a busy bag. Kids will have so much fun pretending to put toys into the stockings. This activity builds vocabulary too.


  1. Print the pages onto card stock.
  2. Cut the paper stockings along the dotted lines. Laminate for durability (optional).
  3. Cut out the small toys. I like to cut around the border of the picture instead of cutting it into a square so it looks more interesting.
  4. Put the Christmas stockings in a line, in alphabetical order. Point to each stocking and sing the alphabet song. This is a fun way to make sure they are in the right order.
  5. Look at each letter on the toys. Match the capital letter on the toy to the stocking with the same letter of the alphabet.

Other Ideas

Use alphabet magnets instead of the toys. Place the stockings onto a magnetic cookie sheet or on a magnetic surface. Put each magnet on the matching stocking.

Add a small piece of velcro to the back of the toys and to the top of each stocking. This will keep the toys attached the to stockings as you match them.

Practice scissor skills by having children cut pictures of toys out of catalogues or ads. Then, make it a listening activity by saying things like, “Put the Barbie on the stocking that has the letter B.”

Match the letters to the stockings and then find the letters in an alphabet sensory bottle.

More Alphabet Christmas Activities

Feed the Santa Alphabet Game

Say the name of the letter or letter sound as they feed a letter to Santa. You can also spell your name and feed it to Santa. You will need a tissue box to set up this activity.

Christmas Alphabet Worksheets

Children can trace a word and draw a picture for each letter of the alphabet on these worksheets. Put them in page protectors to make them reusable. Pair them with dry erase markers and put them in a literacy center to use again and again. You can even staple the pages together to turn them into a Christmas alphabet book.

Download the Stocking Alphabet Matching Activity

If your child is ready for letter sounds try this Stocking letter sound matching activity!

You can find all of our Preschool Christmas Activities in one place to make learning fun this Christmas season. From dice games to Christmas poems, you will find something that your children or students will love.

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