Christmas Color Matching Activity (free printable)

This Christmas color matching activity is a great way for young children to develop color recognition. This low prep activity is also great for extra practice with sorting. Your little learner will have so much fun with these Christmas activities this holiday season.

Christmas Color Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Targeted Skills

  • color identification
  • matching
  • sorting
  • fine motor skills

This free printable Christmas matching game is ready to go. Just print onto card stock. Then, cut the top third of the paper off so you only have a strip of Christmas lights. Pair this free color matching game with a set of pom poms, buttons, or gems to match to the lights.

Picking up each item and placing it on the matching light strengthens the pincer grasp. You can also use tongs or tweezers with the pom poms to strengthen fine motor skills.

This fun Christmas sorting mat is a fun way to practice sorting. You can write the color words on the mat next to each Christmas light if your child is interested or ready to be exposed to them. Next to the sorting mat put small manipulatives to sort. Try pom poms, gems, mini erasers, blocks, bingo chips, etc.

It’s interesting to observe the different ways each child will sort the items. Some will pick up an object and put it where it goes. Others will search through the bowl of objects to find only the red items, then orange, then yellow, etc.

Try this Christmas tree activity! Cut apart each tree and the individual lights. Challenge your students to sort the lights onto the tree with the matching colored star.

This is a great activity because there are so many ways to use it! For children just beginning to sort, start with two colors. For children that have experience sorting, spread out and use all six sorting mats.

Other Ways to Use this Printable

Use a handful of blocks to sort onto the tree mats and pretend they are gifts to deliver. What a fun way to practice sorting while pretending too!

Apply a velcro circle to the back of each light and to the tree. Put the trees on a vertical surface such as a bulletin board or easel. Then, sort and match the lights.

Put magnets on the back of the Christmas lights and turn it into a travel activity by putting it on a magnetic cookie sheet. Sorting only 2 colors at a time works best for this idea.

A fun thing to do is to laminate the trees and pair them with dot stickers. Decorate each tree with a matching dot sticker (or five). Because the trees are laminated, the dot stickers are easy to remove when the child is finished with the activity.

One of my favorite things about these printable activities is that they can be used is so many different ways. You can pick the perfect way to meet your students’ needs.

Christmas Printable Matching Activities for Preschool

Download the Christmas Color Matching Activity Pack

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