Bee Alphabet Sorting for Preschoolers

Identify and sort capital letters using these FREE Bee Alphabet Sorting mats. This sorting activity is a great way to develop letter recognition.

Bee Alphabet Sorting

While identifying and sorting uppercase letters, children will look for what is similar and different about each letter of the alphabet which strengthens visual discrimination. They will learn to identify the letter names and eventually the letter sounds. 

Why is sorting an important skill? 

Sorting is so beneficial for children. Through sorting (comparing similarities and differences), children practice logical thinking which is important for future mathematical thinking and concepts. Sorting is the foundation for problem solving. 

Bee Alphabet Sorting

How to Start with Bee Alphabet Sorting:

  1. Start with three or four beehive letter mats and the corresponding bumble bees letter cards. 
  2. Mix up the bees.
  3. Have your child pick up one bee, identify the letter on the bee and match it to its beehive. 
  4. If your child knows the letters of the alphabet, he can say it as he sets it on the mat. If your child is still learning to identify letters, you can say the letter as he matches it to the beehive. 

Download this printable activity below:

Bee Alphabet Matching Activity 

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