Fun Animal Bingo Game (free printable)

This animal bingo game is a fun bingo game for a party or family game night. It is a great way to spend time together learning about different animals. You can also use these free printables to make a matching activity for your preschoolers instead of playing a bingo game.

The free printables include 5 unique game cards so it is a great activity for small groups. To make the calling cards, print an extra bingo board and cut out the pictures. That way the call cards will be identical to the animals bingo cards. Use buttons, blocks, candy, cereal, or bingo chips to cover the animals on the bingo cards.

This animal bingo game is a fun way to practice so many skills. It is a picture bingo game so even the youngest children can join the fun game.

Targeted Skills

  • visual discrimination skills
  • listening skills
  • vocabulary words

Matching activities are so important for preschoolers. They improve language, memory, and concentration. Tracking skills are also strengthened during matching activities. Tracking skills are needed for reading and writing tasks.

Animals Included

  • farm animals
  • zoo animals
  • polar animals
  • wild animals
  • forest animals
  • jungle animals

Bingo Directions

  1. This animal bingo game includes a free space. Cover the free space before you begin the game.
  2. The caller picks the animal cards and says the animal name.
  3. Players cover the matching animal on their card.
  4. The first person to get 5 in a line wins!

For a fun twist, have the caller make animal noises instead of the name of the animal. It is sure to bring laughter among all the players.

For older children, talk about the habitat of each animal. Where do they live and why? Look for the locations on a map or globe.

What does each animal eat? What animal is its predator trying to eat it? Do we eat any of these animals? This is a great way to get kids thinking about the food chain.

Matching Activity Directions

  1. Print two bingo boards. I like to print them onto card stock and laminate them for durability.
  2. Cut the squares from one of the bingo board.
  3. Challenge your preschooler to pick an animal card and match it to the animal on the page.

Other Ideas

Put this activity in a ziplock and use it as a busy bag when you travel or are waiting at a restaurant.

Put magnets on the back of the pictures and play the matching game on a vertical surface such as a refrigerator or magnetic easel. Working on a vertical surface is an excellent way for preschoolers to strengthen shoulder muscles and wrist rotation, both of which are important for writing.

At Easter time, put the pictures inside plastic eggs and hide the eggs. Send the children on an egg hunt and then encourage them to match the pictures to their game board.

Turn it into a listening game. “Can you cover the pig? Next cover the camel.”

Download the Animal Bingo Game

We hope you have so much fun with this game!

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