Free Alphabet Dot Marker Printables

These alphabet dot marker pages are a fun way to get extra practice with letter recognition and fine motor skills. This printable pack includes the whole alphabet with a page for each letter of the alphabet.

This low prep, easy activity is a great addition to a Letter of the Week curriculum or for a preschool teacher to use in literacy centers. These dot marker pages can be used in so many different ways.

Young learners will have so much fun hunting for the letters of the alphabet. It’s a great activity for preschool children, but also an easy way for kindergarten students to get extra practice.

Targeted Skills

  • capital letter recognition
  • hand-eye coordination


  1. At the top of the page you will see which letter to look for.
  2. Hunt for that letter and stamp it with bingo markers.

Different Ways to Use the Alphabet Dot Marker Printables

Use dot markers to stamp the uppercase letters you are looking for. (You can buy bingo daubers at a dollar store.)

Little learners can cover the letters they are looking for with play dough. Laminate the page or use a sheet protector. Then, encourage them to use their hands to make a play dough ball and press it on the letter. They could also pinch a small piece off and push it on the letter. Both ways are building finger strength and wrist rotation.

Use circle stickers to cover each letter. Working with stickers is great fine motor skill practice!

Put magnets on the back of pom poms and place the dot worksheets on a magnetic surface such as an easel or cookie sheet. Then, cover the letters with pom poms. Working with these dot printables on a vertical surface is a great way to strengthen shoulders and arms as well as develop wrist rotation.

Put the alphabet dot pages in order to make an alphabet book.

If you don’t have access to dot makers, have kids color each circle with the correct letter.

Download the Alphabet Dot Marker Pages

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Preschool Alphabet Printables

Are you ready for more free printables? Here are some of our favorite alphabet activities to get you started. Kids of all ages will enjoy these literacy activities.

Ladybug Alphabet Mats

Identify the letter and cover it with a bingo chip, dot marker, button, or mini erasers. This is a great tool for teachers to observe which letters your students can recognize.

Superhero Alphabet Printables

If you have a superhero fan, these printable matching activities are for you! There are some that work on matching capital letters and others that can be used to work with lowercase letters.

Preschool Letter Worksheets from A to Z

These free worksheets include a printable pack for every letter of the alphabet. Coloring the letters, finding the letter sounds, letter tracing, and a dot marker page are all included for each letter.

Cars Alphabet Matching Activity

Match capital letters with lowercase letters in this Radiator Springs alphabet activity.

Corduroy Alphabet Matching

This activity goes with the Corduroy books. Help Corduroy find his missing button.

Space Alphabet Matching

This planets alphabet matching activity is great for a space unit or for any kids that are curious about outer space.

Bee Alphabet Sorting

Young kids will enjoy sorting the letters onto the matching bee hives. This is perfect for an insect theme or for Spring time.

Free Very Hungry Caterpillar Alphabet Matching

Very Hungry Caterpillar Alphabet Matching

This fun activity focuses on matching capital letters and lowercase letters. It goes great with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Use play dough and these free alphabet worksheets to make learning fun!

From dot marker pages and play dough mats to matching games and sorting activities, we are sure you will find the perfect activity for your students or children.

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